Troubleshooting Marketing Email Issues

Players having issues receiving Bungie's Destiny 2 marketing emails should follow the troubleshooting steps below to confirm they are signed up correctly. If everything looks correct, please submit a ticket for us to review.

Email Validation for Profiles

To receive Destiny 2 marketing emails, players need to validate their email address in their profile. To get started, view our Email Validation Guide.

Updating an Email Address

Players who would like to use another email address to receive marketing emails will need to update their email in their profile settings and then go through email verification again.

Opting In

To ensure that marketing emails are received, players should confirm that the following options are checked in their profile settings:

  1. I allow Bungie to email me about news and updates as well as tailored messaging on social media.
  2. I allow Bungie to email me about and Destiny service emails.

Contact Us

If an email address has been validated and the two opt-in options listed above are checked, but marketing emails still are not being received at the selected email address, please click the button below and submit a help request using the contact form so that we can investigate further into the issue.


While we will receive your ticket, we will be unable to respond. This form is only dedicated to opting players into receiving Bungie’s marketing emails.

Contact Us to Opt In