Destiny 2: Guardian Games

Let the Games Begin!

Guardian Games is an event for all Destiny 2 players to celebrate their favorite class as they compete against one another to see whose class reigns supreme. The winning team will have bragging rights, as well as a commemorative statue on display at the Tower for the entire year.




During Guardian Games, players will compete in a series of class-based activities to determine which class is the best. Players participating in Guardian Games should focus on either hitting a score threshold by achieving strike scores through the Guardian Games playlist, or by banking Medallions at the Tower Podium.

Upon reaching the score threshold players will be rewarded a special glow while at the Tower. The player at the Tower with the highest weekly score will receive a unique glow. These glows remain active until the weekly reset, or until Guardian Games ends. Players can stay up to date on which Class is winning by checking the Tower Podium, the various Class Flags placed at the Tower, as well as the Guardian Games calendar accessible in-game.

Weekly Ceremony Event

On the Friday of each week, the ceremony will go live in the Tower. Points accumulated by each class during the week will determine the winner of each week's Ceremony event. Players will receive rewards and a Laurel Crown glow that is active when in the Tower, which will remain until the next Ceremony event or until Guardian Games ends. Additionally, players' class items will also change colors to show their current standing after the Ceremony event, being gold, silver, or bronze.


Medallions and Contender & Platinum Cards

Players can earn Medallions by completing Contender, Platinum, and Diamond Cards (which can be purchased with Glimmer at the Tower from Eva) or ritual activities with your class item equipped. Players can deposit their Medallions at the Tower Podium to earn event rewards and contribute towards their class standing.


If the Medallion Case is full, Medallions earned through claiming Triumphs will be lost.


Medallion Case

Contender Cards Reward Gold Medallions

Vanguard Playlist



 Seasonal Content Activities

Platinum Cards Reward Platinum Medallions

Higher Difficulty Seasonal Activities

Lost Sectors

Diamond Cards Reward Diamond Medallions

diamond endgame.jpg

Endgame PVE

diamond trials.jpg


Event Card & Bounties 

The Event Card provides a way for players to earn event-specific rewards and an Event Title by completing Event Challenges. Players will have the opportunity to acquire a free or paid-for upgraded version of the Guardian Games Event card from Eva. When a player completes and claims an Event Challenge, this also instantly claims the corresponding Triumph in the Event Title screen. After a player completes all Event Challenges, they can claim the Event Title and unlock Gilded progress. The Event Card is only accessible while an event is active.

Eva also offers three different types of Guardian Games Bounties which will reward players for completing them: Weekly Bounties will reward XP, Bright Dust, and Glimmer, while Daily Bounties will reward XP, and Additional Bounties will reward XP and Bright Dust. 

Guardian Games Event Card


Weekly Bounty


Daily Bounty


Repeatable Bounty


Class-Based Matchmaking & Activities

Unlock chest rewards in the Tower by completing Guardian Games matchmade activities. Tower chest rewards reset each week that Guardian Games is active and contain gear, currencies, and more when passing specific score thresholds.

Every 3 hours, one of the below activities will become "focused," where Guardians accumulate scores for their class within the activity. When the period ends, the winning class for that activity unlocks a tiered reward based on the thresholds that were unlocked.

Surpemacy Icon.png

Crucible: Supremacy

Compete in a special Guardian Games Class-based matchmaking version of Supremacy where you'll be matched specifically with a team of Guardians playing the same Class (Titan, Hunter, or Warlock). The player's objective is simple, pick up crests from defeated opponents, or deny opponents from scoring. 

Vanguard Icon.png

Vanguard: Recreational and Competitive Nightfall

Launch into the Guardian Games: Recreational or Competitive Nightfall Playlists and earn as many strike Medals as possible to achieve a high score.

Gambit Icon.png

Gambit: Class vs. Class

In this version of Gambit, match with other players of the same class to face off against opposing players of another class.

Players with the highest score in one of the activities listed above logged at the Tower receive the "Best in Tower" glow for each respective activity.

Vital Information

  • If the Medallion Case is full, Medallions earned through claiming Triumphs will be lost.
  • For the latest information on known issues discovered after Guardian Games has gone live, players should look for our vital information thread in the #Help Forum.


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