Date of Birth Requirements for Destiny 2 and Bungie Services

To promote and protect player privacy and safety, some features and functionality in Destiny 2,, future Bungie games, and other Bungie services require a date of birth to be submitted before gaining access.

Submitting a birthdate is a one-time account request and is required for all players.


Destiny 2

Upon logging into Destiny 2, those who haven't updated their birthdate on will be met with a “Please Enter Your Date of Birth” screen. Submitting a date of birth is required to enter the game. Please make sure to correctly enter your real date of birth., Destiny Companion App, and Related Services will ask all users to submit a date of birth and region upon logging into the website, the Destiny Companion app, or using related Bungie services. Submitting a date of birth is required to access these services. Please make sure to correctly enter your real date of birth.


Parental Controls

If players are under 13 (or their country’s age of digital consent), their parent, guardian, or other responsible adult will need to adjust their settings. This is due to privacy laws requiring these permissions for a child to access certain online games or services. As part of this, we need to verify that the person providing consent for their child to access that service is in fact an adult.

While not currently available, parental controls will be available soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Bungie need to know my date of birth and region?

With the digital landscape changing around the world, we're being proactive in protecting player privacy and safety online by updating the way some features and functionality are accessed based on age or region.


I entered the wrong information. How can I change it?

For now, those who entered the wrong information can submit a ticket using our Privacy Contact Form using the “Correct My Data” option.


Why can't I purchase Silver?

Due to these requirements, young players are unable to purchase additional Silver for their Destiny accounts. If their Destiny accounts already have Silver, they can still use that Silver to purchase items in the Eververse Store. Young players are also still able to accrue and spend Bright Dust.