Playing Destiny Content on Multiple Consoles or with Multiple Accounts

Players that own Destiny have the ability to play on a single Destiny account on multiple consoles. Additionally, players may be able to use a platform's game sharing features to access some Destiny content even if their account does not own the licenses for the Destiny content. Please see below for more information on how to play Destiny on multiple consoles or on game sharing features.


For questions relating to Cross Save please see our Cross Save FAQ.


Playing Destiny Content on Multiple Consoles

Players that own the licenses on their account for Destiny content can play Destiny on multiple consoles.
  • Players may only be signed into their Destiny account on a single console at any given time.
  • Players can only play on the same Destiny account on consoles of the same console family generation.
  • If a player's account signs in on another console, they may receive an error code that returns them to the login screen.
  • Players should ensure that security features are enabled for their account to protect from unauthorized access.
  • To access the game, the Destiny release and additional DLCs must be installed on the console.
  • If the account owns the licenses for the physical copy of Destiny, a Destiny disc must be inserted into the console to access the game content.
  • If the account owns the licenses for the digital copy of Destiny, player may need to restore their licenses on the target console to access the game content.
  • Players can choose to activate Cross Save to access one set of characters across multiple linked platform accounts.
  • DLC licenses do not transfer between platforms with Cross Save.


Sharing Destiny Content with Multiple Accounts

Some platforms may allow players who own Destiny content licenses to share game content with other accounts on the system.
  • For information on how to access game sharing features, please see PlayStation Support or Xbox Support.
  • Players accessing Destiny content through the game sharing feature may not be able to access all DLC, add-ons, promotional items, or pre-order items for which the primary account owns the licenses.
  • Bungie does not support any issues with loss of access to items on accounts that are using the game sharing features to access Destiny content.


Important Note: Players should ensure that any code redemption or digital game purchases are made on the correct account. While some console systems may allow game sharing between accounts on the same console, Bungie can only support Destiny content for accounts that own the content.