Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy


Protect the Last City

The Almighty threatens to destroy the Last City. Work with Zavala and Ana Bray to bring Rasputin to full-power.



In Season of the Worthy , the Red Legion have nothing left to lose after they were stopped from changing the timeline last Season and have put the Almighty directly on course to crash and destroy the Last City. With no way to stop it, Zavala and Ana Bray have called upon Rasputin for help, but he needs to regain full power first.



Seraph Bunkers and Towers

To defend the Last City and restore Rasputin's power, players will need to find Seraph Bunkers located throughout the system. Finding the Bunkers will activate Seraph Towers , which will need to be defended against enemies in that area.

Throughout the season, players will be able to upgrade the Bunkers and Towers to add more defense against larger enemies.

Rasputin can supply powerful tools to arm players.
Unlocks Seraph Weapon Frames, Bunker Defense, and Armor Mods
Bunker Upgrades
Rasputin has a wide array of technology to offer players.
Unlocks 3 Ranks with 7 Upgrades each

Bunker Bonus 1



Bunker Bonus 2



Bunker Bonus 3



Bunker Bonus 4



Bunker Bonus 5



Bunker Bonus 6



Bunker Bonus 7



Players will need to own the Season Pass to purchase Bunker upgrades and play through the Seraph Tower activity more than once.
When Season of the Worthy ends, these pursuits and activities will be removed and replaced with new rewards and themes in the next Season.


Season Pass

The Season of the Worthy Season Pass includes access to the Season's story, seasonal activity, new gear, and Premium Track rewards for Seasonal Ranks which gives players access to rewards earlier than the Free Track. 



Storage Requirements

PlayStation 5
  • Install Size: 67.0 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 67.0 GB
Xbox Series X|S
  • Install Size: 70.0 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 70.0 GB
PlayStation 4
  • Install Size: 70.78 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 70.78 GB
Xbox One
  • Install Size: 65.7 GB
  • Storage Space Needed: 65.7 GB
  • Install Size: 69.7 GB
  • Storage Space Needed: 69.7 GB
  • Install size may vary based on languages installed, size shown is maximum size possible.


Installing and Updating Destiny 2

Known Issues

Below are Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Season of the Worthy known issues. This is not a complete list, but a targeted list of specific issues.

Season of the Worthy Top Issues and Vital Information

Last Updated: May 19, 2020


Vital Information



  • We are aware of reports that portions of the Lunar Rasputin bunker may have a higher potential to trigger epileptic seizures or blackouts. Individuals who are susceptible to epileptic seizures, seizures of any kind, or blackouts should exercise caution if they choose to play or watch someone else play this content.
  • Players whose Clan Rosters are not loading should ensure that accounts inactive for an extended period of time should be removed from the clan.
  • Season Passes will be applied to the first account that signs in. If you plan to Cross Save but will use another character set, it's recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in. For more information, click here.
  • Mods only found on gear won’t be unlocked on accounts until they are reacquired.
  • Universal Ornaments will only appear on certain Legendary armor pieces called Armor 2.0. These armor pieces will show an Energy cost on them.


Seasonal Content

  • Seasonal consumables will be deleted when Season of the Worthy ends.


Top Issues Being Investigated


Bounties and Quests

  • Players are stuck on the "Warmind Heuristics" quest step of "The Lie."
  • The Seraph Bunker Upgrades list the incorrect requirements to complete the upgrade:
  • The EDZ Tier 1 Bunker Upgrade requires completing challenges from Zavala, Shaxx, the Drifter, Banshee-44, and Hawthorne.
  • The Moon Tier 1 Bunker Upgrade requires completing Strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, and Nightmare hunt challenges.
  • The Io Tier 1 Bunker Upgrade requires completing Flashpoint, Dungeon, and Raid challenges.
  • During the Authentication Protocol quest step in the Seraph Warsat Network quest, players need to speak with Rasputin on Io.
  • Players who Cross Save to a platform where they do not own Forsaken may lose access to the exotic quest for Truth if they try to complete the quest.


Error Codes

  • PS4 Error CE-34878 or a Steam crash when quitting Destiny 2.



  • Players who used Bright Dust to buy the Painted Eye Shell received the Beautiful Gravities ship instead.



  • Some players may not receive rewards from Garden of Salvation encounter chests.
  • Some players may not receive progress on Crucible and Iron Banner quests and bounties.
  • When using HDR, the Brightness Slider doesn't appear to work, and dark areas are hard to see.



  • Players' FPS may reset and lock at 30 FPS when relaunching the game on Steam.
  • Players whose Forsaken licenses did not transfer from Blizzard to Steam should retry PC Migration. Additionally, some players experiencing this issue may need to log into Destiny 2 on Steam before retrying migration.
  • Receiving "Problem Reading Game Content" errors after verifying the integrity of game files.
  • We are investigating various issues reported by players in PC Migration. In the meantime, any player encountering issues should retry PC Migration here.
  • All offline players in Clans will not display their name, but instead, will show Offline.



  • The engram from the Trials Flawless chest will disappear for players who have earned all available Trials rewards
  • World chests in the Dreaming City are not dropping Glimmer.
  • The Rifle Reserves mod is not granting extra rifle ammo reserves.
  • The Anti-Barrier mod prevents Explosive head and other explosive damage on bows.



  • The Astrocyte Verse's Move to Survive perk doesn't quickly ready a weapon after a second Blink Jump has been performed
  • Devil's Ruin may not fire correctly after a Super has been used.
  • The Dunemarcher's Linear Actuators perk will not activate after being triggered on yellow bar enemies.
  • If Phoenix Cradle boots are equipped, the Sun Warrior buff doesn't work with Sunspots from enemy kills.
  • Polaris Lance's 5th shot explosion cancels on continuous fire.



  • The Wealth of the Emperor buff does not go away, even if the chalice is perfected.
  • The Hunter's Weighted Knife doesn't hit crit spots on Vex Goblins.


Triumphs and Collections

  • The Trials of Osiris emblems and Collection category cannot be viewed until a player has earned those items.
  • The Seraph Public Event Completions Triumph is tracking successful Public Event completions. There is no Heroic version of this Public Event.
  • The Forged in Fire Crucible badge cannot be obtained.
  • Some Triumphs will display a progress bar even though only one objective needs to be completed.



  • On the Eternity map in the Countdown Crucible game mode, the bomb placements and waypoints are in the incorrect location or do not show up during the first round.
  • Certain warnings will appear for Nightfalls that require players to have certain mods equipped. These warnings don't account for teammates' loadouts.