Twitch Extension Support for Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Official Twitch Extension provides new ways for viewers to engage with their favorite Destiny 2 livestreams. With the extension active viewers will be able to see streamer loadouts, view Trials of Osiris card details, and participate in weekly viewer bounties for in-game rewards.

Overlay Overview

From the stream overlay, viewers can:

  • Inspect streamer loadouts
  • View Trials of Osiris Passages and stats
  • Engage with weekly viewer bounties

The overlay can be minimized at any time.

Completing viewer bounties will grant in-game rewards to the viewer's connected Destiny 2 account, including Trials Reputation, Glimmer, XP, and exclusive Twitch rewards. Progress towards bounties can be seen by navigating to the Viewer Bounties tab of the overlay during the stream.
Once a bounty is completed visit the Cryptarch in the Tower to claim the rewards.

Reaction Bounties

Reaction bounties allow viewers to engage with the outcome of Trials of Osiris matches by sending end of match reactions to the streamer. 
At the conclusion of a Trials of Osiris match viewers will see a reaction menu displayed at the bottom of the stream, and will have approximately 30 seconds after the match concludes to send a reaction. The total reactions of each type will be displayed in chat once this period ends. 


There is a 5 minute cool down period between reaction inputs. Viewing and reacting to multiple streams at once will not grant bonus bounty progress.

Gifted Subs

Gifted Sub bounties allow viewers to gift Twitch channel subscriptions to other viewers in the stream to earn in-game rewards. Two Gifted Subs are required to complete the bounty, and will reward Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, exclusive Twitch Shaders, and an exclusive Twitch Emblem. 

The Destiny 2 Official Twitch Extension must be active on the channel in order for Gifted Sub bounty progress to be recorded. Viewers can see bounty progress by navigating to the Viewer Bounties tab of the extension overlay. Gifted Sub bounty progress can be spread across multiple streams. No Progress will be made towards Gifted Sub bounties if viewers purchase Gift Subs via the Twitch mobile app.

Viewers who encounter issues with bounty progress after purchasing Gift Subs should refresh the stream. If progress is still not counted please follow this link and fill out our Gifted Sub Contact Form.



Viewer Setup

To get started with the extension, viewers will need the following:

Destiny 2 Account Account  Twitch Account

Once these accounts have been created, viewers will need to connect their account to Twitch to begin completing viewer bounties for in-game rewards. To connect accounts viewers will need to:
  1. Go to Twitch , log in with a Twitch account, and view a Destiny 2 stream that has the extension currently active
  2. Navigate to the Viewer Bounties tab of the stream overlay
  3. Click 'Grant Permissions' 
  4. Click 'Link With' 
  5. Select their main platform and log in to to connect their account to Twitch


Viewers will need to link their accounts to Twitch in order to participate in viewer bounties, even if previously linked for Prime Gaming rewards.


Streamer Setup

To get started with the extension, streamers will need the following:

 Destiny 2 Account Account  Twitch Account

To set up the Destiny 2 Official Twitch Extension for a broadcasts, streamers will need to:
  1. Go to the Twitch Stream Manager, and select Extensions from the menu 
  2. Follow this link or search "Destiny 2 Official Extension" to find the extension on Twitch
  3. Once installed, hit 'Configure' to begin connecting a account 
  4. Sign into with the streamer's main platform account
Streamers must have a linked account and at least one viewer with a linked account in order for the overlay to display information. This viewer can be the streamer themselves. It is recommended that smaller streamers have no other livestreams open during their broadcast to ensure that they are registered as a viewer in their own stream. It will take up to a minute for the overlay to begin to display information at the start of a new stream.
There will be up to a 20 second delay in match and loadout information being updated in the overlay. Streamers are recommended to set their stream delay to sub-20 seconds to help prevent any display issues.
A post-match reaction summary will be sent via a chat message about a minute after the react window disappears at the conclusion of a Trials of Osiris match. 


If streamers have multiple platforms linked to that are not engaged in Cross Save make sure that they are fully logged out of Destiny 2 on each platform to prevent issues with the current displayed loadout.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

For official support, please visit:


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1. Can I react to multiple streams at once to gain extra progress towards my viewer bounty?
No, only one reaction may be sent per 5 minutes.

2.  Can I still inspect a streamer's gear even if I don't have a account linked to Twitch?
Yes, gear can still be inspected but viewers will not gain progress towards viewer bounties unless logged into Twitch and have a account successfully linked. 

3. How do I create and link a account?
Please read this Help article to learn about account creation.

4. How do I change the language of the overlay? 
The overlay will display information in whatever language the viewer currently has set for Twitch. If a language is unsupported, the overlay will display in English.

5.  Do I need to claim completed viewer bounties to get the rewards?
No, viewer bounties will have their rewards automatically sent to Destiny 2 upon completion, and can be picked up from The Cryptarch. If viewers have completed a bounty but are not seeing the rewards in game we recommend refreshing the Twitch stream to ensure the completion was registered, as well as logging out and back into Destiny 2.

6. Where can I get Destiny 2?

7. Can the overlay still be used when not in a Trials of Osiris match?
Yes, the overlay will display all streamer information except Trials of Osiris passages, current win/ loss record, and overall stats.

8. Why do some of the streamer's weapons/ armor look different in the overlay than in game?
The streamer may be using an armor or weapon ornament to change the appearance of the item. Equipped ornaments can be viewed by inspecting the piece of gear and scrolling to the bottom of the details page.

9. I already connected my to Prime Gaming, do I need to connect it again?
Yes, even if previously linked for Prime Gaming rewards streamers and viewers will need to connect their account to Twitch to setup the extension for their stream or to participate in viewer bounties.