Submitting Community Creations and Movie of the Week

The Community Creations page on serves as a gathering place or content creators in the Destiny community to share their creations. For more information on submitting content to the Community Creations page or as a candidate for Movie of the Week, please see below.


Submitting a Creation

When submitting images to the Community Creations page, players should keep the following in mind:
    • All content submissions must include a direct link to the Creation for it to be approved and display properly on the Community Creations page.
    • For images, a helpful tip to determine if a link leads directly to the intended submission is to look for a link that ends in the Creation's file type. For example: jpg, png, etc.
    • Each submission must be manually approved before it will appear on the Community Creations page. As such, approval times may vary.
To submit an image or video to the Community Creations page, please do the following:
    1. Create the submission using any form of artistry
    2. Take a picture, create an image, or create a video of the submission
    3. Upload the image or video to an online hosting service
    4. Log in to using a linked PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, Stadia, Twitch, or Epic Games Account
    5. Visit the Community Creations page and click "Submit a Creation"
    6. Enter a url link that leads directly to image or video
    7. Include a Title and Description of the Creation
    8. Click "Submit" in the Community Creation form

Submitting a Movie of the Week Candidate

As part of every This Week at Bungie blog post, a selection of community created videos are featured. Players that wish to nominate their video for consideration as part of Bungie's "Movie of the Week" should follow these steps:
  1. Create a video featuring Destiny gameplay, commentary, or fan art
  2. Upload the video to YouTube
  3. Create a submission for the Community Creations page as outlined above
  4. All video submissions made on the Creations page will be eligible to receive Movie of the Week

Intellectual Property and Trademarks

Bungie strongly supports the efforts of our community to produce non-commercial content using video images, footage, music, sounds, dialogue, or other assets from our games, subject to a few conditions. These creations can be freely shared with other players in places like the Creations page. In the event that creators seek to profit from their work, they should see the guidelines in the Intellectual Property and Trademarks guide.