Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost Guide


Festival of the Lost is about remembering what we have lost, the moments that made us, and celebrating what we have.

Festival of the Lost is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 where Guardians laugh in the face of death and wear masks as they fight back against the encroaching darkness.

Once new players have met the above requirements, they can speak to Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard to receive a quest. After this quest has been completed, players will be granted access to explore Haunted Lost Sectors and can earn Festival of the Lost rewards.

Haunted Lost Sectors


"An Exo and a Vex Mind have merged to become something... new, a Guardian on Nessus is being hunted for their Ghostand headless creatures prowl through the dark chasms of the MoonGrab your favorite mask, join a fireteam, and embark on three new tales of terror."


In order to launch into Haunted Lost Sectors after they have been unlocked, players must select the Haunted Lost Sector node in the Tower destination map. 

Additionally, players may launch directly into the matchmade Haunted Lost Sector from the Tower Courtyard by interacting with the Haunted Sector mission totem next to Eva Levante.

Rewards from Eva Levante and the Book of the Forgotten

Eva Levante

"No longer an outfitter for heroes of the Tower, Eva now devotes her time to making sure Guardians enjoy seasonal events."

Once players unlock access to Haunted Lost Sectors, they can purchase bounties, masks, and other Festival of the Lost rewards from Eva Levante. Masks and rewards may be purchased using Candy, which can be earned by defeating enemies and completing activities during Festival of the Lost while a mask is equipped.

This year's Festival of the Lost also brings a familiar vendor, the Book of the Forgotten. The Book of the Forgotten contains lore, which can be purchased with Manifested Pages. Manifested Pages are created from Spectral Pages, which are earned in Haunted Lost Sectors, and are created by defeating Headless Ones in Haunted Lost Sectors. Manifested Pages can also be obtained from chests at the end of Haunted Lost Sectors.

Spectral Page

Manifested Page

Festival Bounties
During Festival of the Lost, Eva Levante offers Festival Bounties which can reward players with XP, Bright Dust, Glimmer, and Candy.

Bounty (2)

Bounty (4)


During Festival of the Lost, Eva Levante offers 6 masks that players may purchase for Candy. Furthermore, masks earned during previous Festival of the Lost events can also be equipped by players who earned them. All masks must be equipped as ornaments on the Masquerader's Helmet, which is offered by Eva Levante for 100 Glimmer.

Blueberry Mask
Telesto Mask
Bread Mask


Caiatl Mask
Riven Mask
Savathûn Mask

During Festival of the Lost, Eva Levante offers players special rewards to show off the spirit of the season. The Masquerader's Helmet, which is required to equip masks, only contributes to players' Power while Festival of the Lost is active. 


For purchase costs and unlock requirements, please check with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard.

Festival of the Lost Vital Information and Known Issues

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