Network Setup: Wifi v. Wired Connections

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Destiny is an online shared-world shooter that requires a constant and stable internet connection to play. For the best Destiny experience, Bungie recommends players use a wired internet connection instead of WiFi. For more information on the differences between wired and WiFi connections and the connection quality required by Destiny, please see below.

Destiny Internet Connection Requirements

Destiny requires sufficient bandwidth to function at an optimal level.
    • Destiny aims to be as efficient as possible when transmitting and receiving data so that players with limited bandwidth can have a quality gameplay experience.
    • While average bandwidth usage is considerably lower, Destiny may request up to 1 Mbps download and upload bandwidth.
    • Destiny data requirements will be impacted by player behavior, with average data usage of up to 1 gigabyte per hour for live gameplay, plus the size of downloaded game updates
    • Players that have metered internet may see their data usage cause fluctuations in their ISP costs
    • Other applications on a player's network, such as streaming video, file sharing, or other bandwidth-intensive services may have a negative impact on Destiny gameplay.
    • If the bandwidth of a player's network connection dips below the required level for sustained periods of time, the player may encounter error codes and disconnects from Destiny.
    • Destiny creates connections between a player's console, Bungie’s servers, and other players in a unique way. As such, network performance in other games and applications is often NOT a good indicator that the network is setup for a stable connection to Destiny.

Connecting Consoles to the Internet

A reliable internet connection is required in order to play Destiny games. Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The original Destiny is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. For support connecting console devices to the internet, please see:

PlayStation Consoles Xbox Consoles

For further assistance in connecting to the internet, network troubleshooting, or setting up internet access on PC, players will need to reach out to their internet service provider.

WiFi: Convenience vs Stability

While Destiny can be played with a strong and stable WiFi connection, many players have found that using WiFi can increase the likelihood that they will lose their connection to Destiny’s services.

Sources of interference for WiFi connections
WiFi is susceptible to a variety of different sources of interference, and introduces additional latency to a player's network connection.
    • The process of sending data wirelessly takes time and increases latency. This may increase the total latency of a player's network to the point where they encounter latency, packet loss, or error code disconnects from Destiny.
    • WiFi connections use one of several frequencies – called channels – to transmit data. If more than one WiFi network is trying to use the same channel it can create congestion that slows down network traffic. It can even cause data to be lost or the connection to be interrupted.
    • If multiple devices are connected to the same wireless network and attempting to reach the internet at the same time they can interfere with each other.
    • The distance and layout of a player's console from their WiFi source can also negatively impact signal strength and stability.
    • Some home appliances and consumer electronics, such as microwave ovens, can directly interfere with a network's WiFi signal.

Improving the stability of a WiFi connection
Some WiFi setups can provide a strong, stable connection to Destiny. To optimize a wireless connection to Destiny, please try the following steps:
    • Move the console as close as possible to the WiFi source.
    • Turn off or disable all other devices connected to the WiFi network while playing Destiny.
    • Avoid obstructions between the console and the WiFi source whenever possible, especially large appliances or other electronics.
    • Switch the WiFi router to an un-congested wireless channel.
    • Disable the WiFi router's "Channel Bonding" feature to help avoid interference. Depending on the type of router, this feature may be called "Channel Width (20/40Mhz)", "Wireless Bandwidth", or "Channel Bonding".
    • Contact the router manufacturer to ask about advanced settings that can improve the wireless signal strength and stability.
Mobile Internet

While some players may be able to connect to and launch Destiny using a mobile Internet connection, it is not recommended. Players using a mobile Internet connection to connect to Destiny may be subject to a high volume of error codes, complications connecting to a Fireteam, and may receive restrictions or bans from in-game activities due to connectivity issues which negatively impact the experiences of other players.

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