Contact Form: Missing Eververse Item or Add-On Items

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Players that encounter issues when attempting to purchase Eververse items on their Destiny account should try the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Troubleshooting Eververse Items

    • Check Character Inventory: Check all Character Inventory screens for the purchased Eververse Items, including the Item Collections in the Vault and the Postmaster Inventory.
    • Re-launch Destiny: If the Eververse item is not added to the Character Inventory, log out of Destiny and then log back into all Characters to check their Character Inventories and Postmaster Inventories.

Troubleshooting Purchased Add-On Issues

  1. Wait Up to 30 Seconds: Allow for up to 30 seconds to pass to see if the Add-On content is added to the account.
  2. Re-launch Destiny: If the Add-On content is not added to the account after the time has passed, log out of Destiny and then log back into all Characters to check their Character Inventories and Postmaster Inventories.
  3. Sign Out of Platform Account: If the Add-On content is not present on any Character, please close Destiny and completely sign out of the platform account. It may also be advisable to clear the cache on consoles or to restart the Steam launcher on PC, or to clear the webcache or restart the Epic Games launcher. After logging back into Destiny, please log back into all Characters to check their Character Inventories and Postmaster Inventories.
  4. Check for Successful Transaction: If the Add-On content is still not present, please ensure that the transaction purchasing the Add-On shows as successfully completed according to the platform marketplace, that the purchase was made on the correct account and for the intended Destiny release, and that the Add-On shows as being fully installed.
  5. Contact Platform Support: If the platform marketplace shows that the purchase was successful, please contact PlayStation Support, Xbox Support, Stadia Support, Microsoft Support, Steam Support, or Epic Games Support to investigate potential issues with the transaction.
  6. Submit Help Request: If platform support is not able to identify or resolve potential issues with the transaction, please submit a help request using the Missing Items Contact Form below.

Contact Form for Missing Eververse or Add-On Items

If none of the above troubleshooting steps resolved the issue with the missing Eververse or Add-On items, please fill out the following Contact Form to submit a Help Ticket.

The following contact form is intended for:
  1. Players to contact us if an Eververse item purchased with Silver was not successfully added to their account.
  2. Players to contact us if an add-on was not successfully unlocked on their account after purchase. This includes Character Boosts and individual Season Pass purchases, but does not include DLC purchases.
This contact form is NOT intended for:
  1. Assistance with DLC purchases or downloads. This includes Beyond Light, Shadowkeep, Forsaken, and others.
  2. Quests, items, and game content troubleshooting for Seasonal or DLC content. 
  3. Current and Previous Season Pass reward track issues.
  4. Bright Engram reward issues.

Important Note: All Contact Form email responses are in English only. Spamming, submitting abusive content, or otherwise violating the Code of Conduct may result in restrictions from contact forms,, or Destiny.

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