Installing Destiny Guide

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Most consoles will automatically download and install the associated Destiny release when a physical disc is inserted. However players that purchased digital copies of Destiny game content, including expansions or add-ons, may need to manually begin the download and installation process after redeeming their purchased content through the platform's store.

Installing Destiny 2

For detailed information on installing Destiny 2 on a specific console, please see the appropriate button below.

Installing Destiny 1

For detailed information on installing Destiny 1 on a specific console, please see the appropriate button below.

Vital Information for Updating Destiny

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know before beginning the installation process for Destiny:
  • Code Redemption: Some Destiny content includes game codes that must be redeemed before the content can be downloaded and installed. For more information, please see the Code Redemption guide.
  • Game Sharing: Players should ensure that any code redemption or digital game purchases are made on the correct account. While some console systems may allow game sharing between accounts on the same console, Bungie can only support Destiny content for accounts that own the content. For more information, please see the Content Sharing policy.
  • Installing Game Add-Ons: Some Destiny add-ons may need to be installed separately after installing the main Destiny game.
  • Hard Drive Requirements: Players should ensure they have the proper amount of console storage space available to complete the full installation process. For more information, please see the Platform Storage Requirements guide.
  • Wired Connections Recommended: Players that are using a wireless or wifi connection may want to switch to a wired connection for the download and installation process. Wireless connections are susceptible to a variety of different sources of interference and may cause issues in the stability of the Destiny download or installation. For more information, please see the Network Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Clearing Console Cache: When installing Destiny, it may be helpful for players to clear the cache on their consoles before beginning the installation process. This help to ensure that any bad data or corrupted files have been removed from the console's temporary files that may cause stability issues in the new installation of Destiny. For more information on this process, please see the Clearing the Console Cache guide.