Updating Destiny Guide

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The current Destiny release is often updated to address gameplay issues or to update in-game features. All Destiny releases require players to download and apply all available updates for their consoles to continue playing. Most consoles will automatically download and install updates as they become available, however players may occasionally need to manually begin the update process. For more detailed information on downloading and installing Destiny Updates on a specific platform, please see the appropriate button below.

Updating Destiny 2

For detailed information on updating Destiny 2 on a specific console, please see the appropriate button below.

Updating Destiny 1

Destiny 1 is no longer scheduled to receive any updates or content releases. For legacy support information on updating Destiny 1 on a specific console, please see the appropriate button below.

Vital Information for Updating Destiny

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know before beginning the update process for Destiny:
  • Hard Drive Requirements: Players should ensure they have the proper amount of console storage space available to complete the full installation process. For more information, please see the Platform Storage Requirements guide.
  • Interrupting Update Downloads: When receiving a patch or update for Destiny, please do not interrupt the download or install process. Doing so may force some consoles to re-download all previous patch data. Once this occurs, it cannot be undone and may only be resolved by allowing all deleted patch data to be re-downloaded.
  • Wired Connections Recommended: Players that are using a wireless or wifi connection may want to switch to a wired connection for the download and installation process. Wireless connections are susceptible to a variety of different sources of interference and may cause issues in the stability of the Destiny download or installation. For more information, please see the Network Troubleshooting Guide