Reinstalling Destiny Guide

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Occasionally the data or files in a Destiny installation can become corrupted, partially overwritten, or otherwise no longer work as intended. If this happens it can cause the console and Destiny to have issues maintaining connectivity, loading some game files, or other gameplay issues. Reinstalling the game removes the data and files from the console and allows a fresh set to be downloaded and stored.

Reinstalling Destiny 2 

For detailed information on reinstalling Destiny 2 on a specific console, please see the appropriate button below.

Reinstalling Destiny 1

For detailed information on reinstalling Destiny 1 on a specific console, please see the appropriate button below.

Reasons to Reinstall Destiny

Some common issues that may be resolved by reinstalling Destiny are:
  • Stuck on a frozen or indefinite loading screen
  • Encountering a consistent crash in the game
  • Accessing items or content that cannot be resolved by restoring licenses
  • Swapping from a physical to digital copy of Destiny or from digital to physical
  • Getting tuck in Trial Mode due to not deleting the Trial Mode completely before purchasing the full game

Vital Information for Updating Destiny

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know before beginning the update process for Destiny:
  • Characters and Progression: Destiny Characters and progression are not stored on a player's console. As such, reinstalling or clearing the console cache will not cause a player to lose access to their Characters or progression. To maintain access to their Characters and progress, players must continue to log in to Destiny using the same PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag.
  • Hard Drive Requirements: Players should ensure they have the proper amount of console storage space available to complete the full installation process. For more information, please see the Platform Storage Requirements guide.
  • Wired Connections Recommended: Players that are using a wireless or wifi connection may want to switch to a wired connection for the download and installation process. Wireless connections are susceptible to a variety of different sources of interference and may cause issues in the stability of the Destiny download or installation. For more information, please see the Network Troubleshooting Guide