Bungie Community Volunteers: Mentors, Ninjas, and Shields


Bungie has several community volunteer roles on Bungie.net and partner platforms. These roles are ambassadors for the Bungie Community and our games who work with the Community, Player Support, and Web teams.



Forum Mentors wear the "white gloves" of our community, lending a helping hand to any player and guiding them with support to our Help articles and Bungie-authored troubleshooting methods. Mentors are commonly found in the #Help Forum on Bungie.net or the Destiny Companion App. Their official group is located here.



Forum Ninjas are our website moderators. They work in the shadows, removing bad actors from our website whenever our Code of Conduct is broken. You may see one every so often in the forums replying to threads, but their work is mostly behind the scenes. Their official group is located here.




Community Shields are Bungie's live stream moderators. Whether the streams are for Bungie Bounties, charity initiatives, or whatever reason we decide to broadcast, these individuals help to keep chat a bit cleaner. You will see them commonly through our partnered platforms channels, such as Twitch, during our live streams.


Q & A

Do Mentors, Ninjas, or Shields work for Bungie?
Mentors and Ninjas don't work for Bungie. Some Shields do work for Bungie as part of the Community team, but most are community-sourced.

Are Mentors, Ninjas, or Shields on set schedules?
Aside from Bungie live streams for Shields, Mentors and Ninjas aren't on set schedules. These members are always around to assist when needed. While being active and present in these roles is part of the role itself, it's not required to meet minimum hours per day or week. Additionally, we have a diverse set of volunteers who are from all areas of the globe to cover most timezones.

Can I tell when I meet a community volunteer in Destiny 2?
Each of our volunteer roles has a unique emblem they can choose to wear in-game. If you encounter one of them, say hello!

I'm interested in becoming a community volunteer. Where do I apply?
Volunteer roles for Bungie are community-sourced and there is no official application process. We look for community members who demonstrate good judgment, teamwork, and integrity. We encourage those who may wish to join us to be active in the community by assisting others. If we have open seats available, we may invite you to join us at the table.