Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen


Prove yourself as humanity's champion

A new Cabal empress looks to unite the fractured Cabal under her banner of tradition. She seeks an alliance with humanity, but at what cost?



In Season of the Chosen , as the Pyramids and Xivu Arath continue to destabilize the system, a new force emerges. Empress Caiatl, Leader of the Cabal and daughter of Deposed Emperor Calus, seeks an alliance with humanity. But when she demands more than Zavala can offer, negotiations collapse, and Guardians must become the tip of the spear that strikes at her growing war council.



Battlegrounds, The War Table, and The Hammer of Proving

To prove their strength in the eyes of the Cabal empress players will need to challenge Caiatl's warriors in the new Battlegrounds activities across the system. Use the Hammer of Proving to forge and socket Challenger Medallions out of pillaged Cabal Gold for the right to take on Caiatl's fiercest commanders in ritual combat. Visit the War Table at the H.E.L.M. to upgrade your Hammer of Proving through three tiers of pursuits that will unlock Hammer upgrades, new Proving Runes, gear drops, and more.



hammer 1.PNG
Proving Rune



hammer 2.PNG
Challenge Medallion



hammer 3.PNG
Red Legion Chest



hammer 4.PNG
Tribute Chest



hammer 5.PNG
Hammer Charge



hammer 6.PNG
Cabal Gold



hammer 7.PNG
Mission Focus





Umbral Engrams, Prismatic Recaster, and Focusing Lenses


The Prismatic Recaster and Umbral Decoder return for official Vanguard use. Players can collect Umbral Engrams from various in-game sources, and unlock new Prismatic Lenses to focus the contents of the engrams for specific gear.


The H.E.L.M.

The Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers, or H.E.L.M., is the new base for all current Vanguard operations within the system. From the H.E.L.M. players can interact with the War Table Seasonal vendor, access the Prismatic Recaster, decode Umbral Engrams at the Umbral Decoder, manage their vault, and retrieve items from the Postmaster.

Max Power Level

In the Season of the Chosen Legendary gear from the Season of the Worthy will reach their Max Power Level. Legendary gear that has reached their Max Power Level can no longer be infused to a higher Power Level. Exotic weapons and armor do not have a Max Power Level.

Gear from the Season of the Chosen will reach their Max Power Level in Season 16. For a list of items that will reach Max Power in Season of the Chosen, or for more information, please visit our Max Power Level article linked below.

Season Pass

The Season of the Chosen  Season Pass includes access to the Season's story, seasonal activity, new gear, and Premium Track rewards for Seasonal Ranks which gives players access to rewards more often than the Free Track. 


Storage Requirements


PlayStation 5

  • Install Size: 67.0 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 67.0 GB

Xbox Series X|S

  • Install Size: 70.0 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 70.0 GB

PlayStation 4

  • Install Size: 70.78 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 70.78 GB

Xbox One

  • Install Size: 65.7 GB
  • Storage Space Needed: 65.7 GB


  • Install Size: 69.7 GB
  • Storage Space Needed: 69.7 GB
  • Install size may vary based on languages installed, size shown is maximum size possible.