Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer


Unite with an old enemy to defeat a greater threat

The Vex have plunged the Last City into an endless night, threatening the safety once found beneath the watchful presence of the Traveler.




In Season of the Splicer, the Vex have cut off power to the Last City, plunging humanity into darkness and disrupting vital supply chains the Vanguard requires to keep people alive. Mithrax, the Fallen Kell, has reappeared, and the Vanguard have a proposition: team up and defeat the Vex. Mithrax has gained the ability to splice into Vex networks and will assist players in their journey to defeat the endless night.




Assist Mithrax and decrypt important Vex data in the new Override activity. Players will infiltrate the Vex Network and take on hordes of Vex enemies to collect data. Take down the Subjugated Mind and unlock Conflux Chests to acquire decrypted data, gear drops, and more.




Daily Bounty
Weekly Bounty
Key Code


Splicer Gauntlet


Players can collect Ether through participating in various activities and can process Ether with the Splicer Gauntlet to create Key Codes, codes that open Conflux Chests at the end of Override. Upgrade your Splicer Gauntlet with Decrypted Data to increase Ether collection, Conflux Chest rewards, and more.



Splicer Servitor

The Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers, or H.E.L.M., expands with Season of the Splicer. Collect bounties from Mithrax’s Splicer Servitor and upgrade your Splicer Gauntlet while coordinating with Mithrax.


Armor Synthesis

Armor Synthesis is Destiny 2’s version of “transmog,” a feature that allows players to use unlocked armor from their Collections to create Universal Ornaments for a specific class. With the help of Ada-1, Guardians will recover Braytech secrets from Europa that allow the building of a device known as the Loom; with the Loom, players can turn almost any piece of armor into a Universal Ornament.



Season Pass

The Season of the Splicer Season Pass includes access to the Season's story, seasonal activity, new gear, and Premium Track rewards for Seasonal Ranks which gives players access to rewards more often than the Free Track. 

Paradrome Cube Seasonal Artifact


Storage Requirements

PlayStation 5

  • Install Size: 67.0 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 67.0 GB

Xbox Series X|S

  • Install Size: 70.0 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 70.0 GB

PlayStation 4

  • Install Size: 70.78 GB
  • Storage Space Needed for Installation: 70.78 GB

Xbox One

  • Install Size: 65.7 GB
  • Storage Space Needed: 65.7 GB


  • Install Size: 69.7 GB
  • Storage Space Needed: 69.7 GB
  • Install size may vary based on languages installed, size shown is maximum size possible.