Destiny 2 Cross Play Guide



Cross Play for Destiny 2 allows players to form fireteams and play with other players across all supported platforms. Cross Play will be automatically enabled for all players, and does not require activation. For more information on the addition of Cross Play and the changes that come with it, continue reading below.


Players should note that Cross Play and Cross Save are two separate processes. For information related to Cross Save please click here.


Bungie Name

With the launch of Cross Play players will be generated a unique Bungie Name for their account to prepare them for cross platform play. This name will consist of the name of the first platform account players log in with after Cross Play launches, as well as a 4-digit unique numerical identifier. New players will be prompted to generate their Bungie Name during their account creation process.


Players with platform account names longer than 26 characters will have their Bungie Name shortened to a maximum of 26 characters. Additionally, unique font characters, such as subclass or weapon icons, will be removed from player's platform name upon generation of their Bungie Name. Platform account names can still be viewed in-game by hovering over a player in the Roster screen of the Director.


Players should ensure that their Bungie Names adhere to the Code of Conduct. Bungie Names that violate our Code of Conduct will be automatically moderated and replaced with “Guardian” followed by a new 4-digit unique identifier. 


Bungie Names can be changed on by signing into the player profile, going to Profile Settings, and updating the Bungie Name in Identity Settings.

Roster and Friends List

In the Roster screen of the Director players will be able to view the Bungie Names of other players, as well as the platform they are currently accessing Destiny 2 on. From here players can also view their platform friends and Bungie Friends List, as well as manage incoming invites and settings.


Bungie Friends who are also platform friends can appear multiple times within the Roster screen depending on the platform account they are currently accessing Destiny 2 with.

Bungie Friends List

In addition to platform specific friends, players will now have the option to add Bungie Friends to their accounts using other player's Bungie Names. Bungie Friends will be indicated in the Roster screen of the Director by a watermark on their emblem, and can be viewed all together under the Bungie Friends section of the Roster screen.


Bungie Friends can be added in-game or on, and players will have the option to sync their current platform friends list to quickly add them as Bungie Friends. 


To invite a player directly to be a Bungie Friend, players will need to search for their exact Bungie Name in the Invites tab of the Roster screen or on Players can have a maximum of 200 Bungie Friends at a time.


Managing Invites

Players can manage their currently pending Fireteam invites, Clan invites, and Bungie Friend requests from the Invites tab of the Roster screen. Bungie Friend requests can as well be managed directly from players' accounts. 

Settings and Safety

Under the Settings tab of the Roster screen and from their account on players can manage their invite settings to determine who can interact with them and send them invite requests. Players can individually toggle their preferences for Fireteam privacy, Fireteam invites, Bungie Friend requests, and Clan invites.

Xbox Console and Microsoft Store on PC Platform Invites 

When accessing Destiny 2 on Xbox consoles or the Microsoft Store on PC, invites will function differently depending on if Cross Play is currently enabled. 


When Cross Play is enabled   

  • In-game invites will function across all platforms if the target players are currently online. 

When Cross Play is disabled   

  • In-game invites specifically between Xbox consoles and Microsoft Store on PC will not function when Cross Play is disabled.  

Blocking Players

Players can now block other players' Bungie Names when inspecting them in-game or on Blocking a player will block all platform accounts associated with their Bungie Name, and prevent that player from sending friend requests, session invites, voice communications, and all other communications. Players currently on the Bungie Friends list of the blocking player will be automatically removed from their Bungie Friends list when blocked.


Additionally, the new block function will replace the muted users list on Players will be given the option to migrate their currently muted users to the new blocked user list when Cross Play launches. 


The Bungie Block List can be managed on from player profiles.

Matchmaking Overview

Cross Play matchmaking will vary depending on the activity type and the platform that players of a fireteam are accessing Destiny 2 from.


Competitive Matchmaking
  • Competitive game modes such as Gambit and Crucible playlists will be divided into two matchmaking pools, one for console players (PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia) and one for PC players. If a console player joins a fireteam containing PC players (Steam, Microsoft Store), the fireteam will be matchmade into the PC player pool for the activity. Additionally, Trials of Osiris will require players to have Cross Play enabled to participate.

Non-Competitive Matchmaking

  • Non-competitive activities and game modes, such as Strikes and social spaces, will matchmake across all available platforms and will not be separated into distinct pools.
If Cross Play is turned off players will matchmake only with other players on their same platform who also have Cross Play disabled. 

Clan Updates

With Cross Play Destiny 2 clans are now cross platform enabled. Clan members will now display the platform they are currently playing from when viewed in the Clan Roster.


Can I disable Cross Play?

Players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles will have the ability to opt-out of Cross Platform play.

  • PlayStation: Players will have the option to opt-out of Cross Play from the in-game settings menu.
  • Xbox: Players can disable Cross Play by adjusting the settings of their Xbox console:
    • Navigate to Settings > General
    • Online Safety & Family
    • Privacy & Online Safety
    • Xbox Privacy
    • View Details and Customize
    • Communication and Multiplayer
    • Set "You can join cross-network play" to "Block"
    • Set “You can communicate outside of Xbox with voice & text” to “Block”


Do I need a account in order participate in Cross Play?

Players are not required to have a account to use Cross Play.


Why has my Bungie Name been changed to "Guardian" with new numbers after the hash?

Names that violate our Code of Conduct and profanity filters will be automatically set to "Guardian" followed by a new set of numbers after the hash. 


How is Cross Play different from Cross Save? 

Cross Play allows players to form fireteams and play with others from all supported platforms, while Cross Save is a separate system that allows a player to access a set of their characters across all of their accounts on different platforms.


What is error code CHICKPEA?

This error occurs when a player disables Cross Play while in a fireteam or activity with other players who have Cross Play currently enabled. Players can re-enable Cross Play via the following methods:


PlayStation Consoles:

  • Playstation players can re-enable Cross Play from the in-game settings menu of Destiny 2.

Xbox Consoles

  • Settings > General
  • Online Safety & Family
  • Privacy & Online Safety
  • Xbox Privacy
  • View Details and Customize
  • Communication and Multiplayer
  • Set "You can join cross-network play" to "Allow"
  • Set “You can communicate outside of Xbox with voice & text” to “Everybody”

Additionally, players who want to take advantage of LFG features can change their “Other can communicate with voice, text, or invites” settings.