Destiny 2 Year 5 Known Issues and Vital Information

This is a sub-page of Destiny 2 Guided Support. The following are confirmed known issues that players may experience in Destiny 2 Year 5 beginning February 22, 2022. Updates to this list will occur when possible. For more information on Years of Destiny, please click here.

If players experience issues that do not appear on this list, they can create a thread in our #Help Forum.


This is not a complete list of all known issues, but a targeted list of specific issues.



Witch Queen and Season of the Risen Known Issues and Vital Information

Last Updated: May 10, 2022



  • Forsaken Ciphers don’t appear in a player’s loot stream if players already own Forsaken. The Ciphers can be picked up from the Forsaken section of the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive in the Tower. The Ciphers can also be exchanged for Ascendant Shards at the Monument to Lost Lights if players already own all Forsaken weapons. Sets of characters can only acquire 3 Forsaken Ciphers regardless of how many platforms they own the Forsaken Pack on.
  • Enabling Cross Play is required for players looking to enter Trials of Osiris. Players who have Cross Play disabled cannot enter Trials of Osiris.
  • Season Passes  will be applied to the first account that signs in. If you plan to Cross Save but will use another character set, it's recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in. For more information, click here.
  • Stasis subclasses  are only available with a Destiny 2: Beyond Light game license. Players who do not own Destiny 2: Beyond Light on on the platform they're playing on, even with Cross Save active, will lose access to the Stasis subclasses.


Seasonal Content

  • Legendary PsiOps Battlegrounds doesn't show that matchmaking is OFF.
  • Weapons and UI elements may not successfully load when players enter the Mindscape. 

Top Issues Being Investigated



  • If a vaulted Seal and Title were acquired on a character that gets deleted, the Seal might not be able to be equipped again.
  • Words in text chat may display vertically. This can be resolved by restarting Destiny 2.
  • Guardian Games reward packages will remain in Eva's inventory after players light their torches and claim the associated reward, and will not indicate that the reward has already been claimed.


Error Codes

  • We are investigating an increase in MARMOT errors.


Cross Play
  • When attempting to import friends from other platforms for Bungie Friends, some platforms display an error and can’t import friends.
  • Changing the platform setting "Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites" does not take effect until the game has been restarted.



  • We are investigating reports of issues related to low performance on PCs.
  • Players running Destiny with an integrated graphics card may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs. 



  • We are investigating an increase in crashes on Xbox Consoles.
  • Players using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 who receive BOAR errors should ensure that they have successfully downloaded the necessary Compatibility Files prior to entering the game.
  • Players experiencing crashes when using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 should disable HDR.


Items and Weapons


  • Anti-barrier bows don't shoot through Hydra shields.



  • The No Time To Explain time portal will continue to shoot at defeated enemies.
  • The Dead Messenger Catalyst can go to the Postmaster if players have a full inventory.
  • The Renewal Grasps' damage buff may not function within a Duskfield Grenade's area of effect.


Quests and Triumphs

  • The Witch Queen Campaign mission progress may not properly increase for all fireteam members upon step completion.
  • The final two pages of the Mnemosyne lore book do not successfully unlock for players.
  • The Competitive Catalyst quest is dropping for players who already earned the Heir Apparent Catalyst in a previous Guardian Games. This quest can be safely dismantled.




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