Destiny Guardians: Internet Game Room Guide

Playing Destiny Guardians in an Internet Game Room provides players with special benefits. Please see below for more information.

Getting Started

For new and returning players, the following guides are support avenues for getting into the game.
Linking a Profile Destiny Companion Guide

Destiny Guardians Guide

Internet Game Room Exclusive Content

Players that access Destiny Guardians from an Internet Game Room will have the following exclusive features available to them:

Exotic Armorer

Yuna, the Exotic Armorer is a Vendor available in the Tower and has a special function for IGR players.
  • Players logged in from an IGR will be able to pick up a selection of Exotic Weapons and Armor from her for free
  • Exotic Weapons and Armor from Yuna are acquired at the player's current Power Level and cannot be infused or upgraded
  • The selection of Exotic Weapons and Armor available from Yuna will change at the Weekly Reset
  • Quest-specific Exotic Weapons and Armor will not be available from Yuna
  • Exotic Weapons and Armor picked up from Yuna can only be equipped while the player is in an IGR
  • Gear acquired from the Exotic Armorer will not be unlocked in a player's Exotic Collection and provide no materials when dismantled

Experience Buff

Players logged in from an IGR will have a 25% experience buff for all gameplay.
  • The experience buff will only be active while a player is logged in from an IGR
  • When active, the experience buff applies across all characters on the account
  • The 25% IGR Experience Buff does not stack with other experience buffs that players may have active on their Characters or account

Reporting Issues

For a list of all known issues, support guides, or suggested troubleshooting steps, please refer to the following Help Articles.
Additionally players may want to search or post on the #Help forums where Destiny Player Support, Mentors, and community volunteers may be able to provide additional assistance.

Vital Information

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know about playing in a Korean IGR.
  • Destiny Guardian Game Licenses: When accessing Destiny Guardians from an Internet Game Room, players will have access to all content available in Destiny 2: New Light. Players must own Destiny 2: Forsaken or Destiny 2: Shadowkeep on their accounts to be able to access the content from those expansions while playing from an IGR.

  • Yuna Only Available in Korea Region: Yuna, the Exotic Armorer, is only available in the Tower when logging into Destiny Guardians in the Korea region.

  • Non-Korean Localization: Players with a Korean account may see Destiny Guardians referred to as Destiny 2 when using non-Korean localization options in-game or on the Destiny Companion on or the Mobile App.

  • Troubleshooting Connectivity or Hardware Issues: Players in an Internet Game Room that encounter reoccurring connectivity or hardware issues should contact the IGR owner to begin troubleshooting the issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The availability of items, features, or mechanics in Eververse Trading Co. are subject to change. The above information represents the current system as of the date the document was published.