Error Code: BANJO

If you are seeing this message, you are having trouble connecting to or maintaining a connection to Destiny matchmaking servers. If this is the first time you've received this error, please try again and resume what you were doing before the error occurred. This error can also be hit if you log out of your account while Destiny is running. If you encounter the issue a second time, please exit Destiny and relaunch the game.
If you're using WiFi, we recommend attempting to play on a wired connection.
If you are hitting this error repeatedly when trying to log into Destiny on the PlayStation platform, you may be able to resolve the issue by removing your PlayStation Network profile from the console and re-adding it. While your Destiny account and characters will not be impacted by this process, you may need to back up any other content associated with your account, including saved games for titles other than Destiny, before removing your profile. For more information, including instructions on how to remove and re-add your PlayStation Network profile, visit
If none of the above troubleshooting steps help it may be necessary to make sure your network isn't blocking your ability to connect. Depending on your home networking gear, you may need to set up some port forwarding or adjust your NAT type to have a better experience. For guided support on how to do this, here's a link to our Network Troubleshooting Guide.
If taking these steps does not resolve your issue, we recommend contacting your ISP for further information.
Please watch for updates on our #Help forums or on the @BungieHelp twitter. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.