Destiny 2 Stadia Guide

Destiny 2 is now available as a free game on Stadia!

Stadia is Google's cloud-based gaming platform that allows you to play your favorite hit video games across screens instantly without waiting for a download or platform update.

Setting Up Stadia


Stadia recommends a download speed of at least 10 Mbps to stream games, and faster speeds for resolutions greater than 720p. Test your connection.

Once players have set up their Stadia profile, they can link it to their Bungie account to enable Cross Save.

Activating Cross Save

Bring your Destiny 2 characters from other platforms with you to Stadia with Cross Save!

If players are already Cross Saved, they need to review their Cross Save setup to link their Stadia account.


Destiny 2 licenses, and Season Passes on Stadia, cannot be shared or transferred to other platforms. For more information, please see our Cross Save FAQ.

Accessing Destiny 2

Once players are logged into Stadia, they can claim Destiny 2 as a free game or purchase a Destiny 2 expansion.

With Destiny 2, players can experience the full breadth of the Destiny world and its responsive first-person shooter combat. Explore rich worlds with sweeping vistas and stunning visuals, and earn an arsenal of powerful weapons and armor. Bring your personalized Guardian into a large variety of activities and modes from cooperative quests, competitive modes, challenging endgame activities, and more.

      • Season Passes included in Destiny 2 bundles in-game
      • Activities: Seasonal*, Raids**, Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, and more! 
      • All Destinations

*Certain seasonal content, such as the Vex Offensive, are only available for a limited time.

**Certain Raids are only available with the purchase of a Destiny 2 expansion.

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Vital Information & Troubleshooting

Vital Information

  • View Known Issues found in Destiny 2
  • Players accessing Destiny 2 on devices with small screens, such as mobile, may have difficulty reading some text and UI elements.
  • Text Chat is not available on Stadia.
  • Input latency will be more noticeable the worse a connection becomes.
  • Players using a mouse and keyboard may notice more latency than players using a controller.
  • Players need to accept the Google Social Consent popup when launching Destiny 2 to access their in-game roster and friends list on Stadia. Players can find and change this option in their Stadia account settings. 


  • Aim Smoothing may need to be turned off in the Settings menu if players experience motion sickness.
  • Some Chrome extensions that change keyboard inputs may need to be disabled if they interfere with Destiny 2 gameplay inputs. Alternatively, players can choose to rebind their keyboard inputs in their Destiny 2 Settings menu. If players encounter other general issues with their keybindings, they should restore them to their defaults and set them again.