Contact Form: Data Privacy Requests

Bungie is committed to protecting your personal information. This form will allow you to request a copy of the information we maintain about you or to request that we delete your personal information we have stored. Additionally, there are other data privacy rights you can request. Please complete this form so we can record your request. 

    • To read our Privacy Policy in full, please click this link.

    • To request to opt-out of having your information sold to third parties, please click this link and use the form on that page.

    • For privacy requests for the US Bungie Store, please contact Bungie Store Customer Service.

    • For privacy requests for the EU Bungie Store, please contact EU Bungie Store Customer Service.

    • We do not include certain data categories as part of account exports when completing data access requests, such as information related to game restrictions. This is to protect proprietary processes, general data security, and security of the game and player experience in Bungie games. 
    • Privacy requests submitted through the Privacy Request contact forms require users to be signed in to their profiles. Users who cannot sign in to their profiles or do not have a profile, can submit a privacy request by emailing to start their request. Please note: data erasure and data access requests require that players are able to sign in to their profiles for security purposes.


To expedite processing of your request, please ensure you fill out all of the fields in the form accurately and completely. Failure to provide all the necessary information or respond to requests for more information or actions may result in your request not being completed.

Important Note: All Contact Form email responses are in English only. Spamming, submitting abusive content, or otherwise violating the Code of Conduct may result in restrictions from contact forms,, or Destiny.