Destiny and Destiny 2 Competition License

All players of Destiny and Destiny 2 are granted a license to conduct tournaments under the terms of the following policy:

Destiny Competition License Conditions


  • The value of the total compensation including prizes, prize money, salaries, travel and accommodation stipends or reimbursements, and appearance fees paid by organizers and sponsors to the players, teams and team owners, for participating in the competition ("Compensation"), must:
    • not exceed Five Thousand US Dollars ($5,000 USD) or the equivalent for a single competition
    • not exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000 USD) or the equivalent for all of the events organized or hosted by you during the last 12 months pursuant to this Destiny Competition License
  • Provided you comply with all applicable laws (including residency eligibility requirements), you may charge players and/or teams entry fees to compete in your community competitions under the following guidelines:
    • Your local laws allow organizers to charge entry fees for participants to compete in the competition
    • The value of the Compensation must be at least equal to the combined value of the entrance fees paid by players


  • You may broadcast your competition online and may stream on whichever online platform you like
  • You may receive only up to a maximum of $50,000 in compensation from any online broadcast or streaming platform (e.g., Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, Azubu, Facebook, etc.) in conjunction with the broadcast of your competition (whether that compensation be paid in the form of sponsorship, broadcast fees, in-kind promotion, or other form of payment)
  • You may not charge fees of any kind for spectators to watch the competition online - this does not prevent streamers from welcoming subscriptions or donations
  • If you broadcast your competition online, you are responsible for ensuring that any accompanied chat is adequately moderated to prevent vulgar, abusive or an otherwise mean-spirted environment
  • You may not broadcast on television


  • You may not sell any Bungie or Destiny branded merchandise

On Site Audiences

  • You may not charge fees of any kind for spectators to watch the competition in-person

Use of Bungie Trademarks


  • If you conduct any crowdfunding activity for your competition, you must state that your competition is licensed under Bungie's Destiny Competition License with a link to these terms
  • Your crowdfunding campaign must be subject to the compensation limits set forth in this license
  • You must state that the crowdfunding campaign is neither endorsed nor sponsored by Bungie
  • You must use all of the proceeds of the crowdfunding campaign for the development and promotion of the event
  • You may not retain any portion of the crowdfunding proceeds as profit

Advertisements and Sponsorships

  • Gambling, including raffles and fantasy sports betting, cannot be associated with the competition in any manner
  • The competition cannot be sponsored by any companies that sell or promote any of the following products:
    • Pornography (or extremely mature materials)
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco or cigarettes
    • Firearms
    • Gambling websites
    • Any company that is detrimental to Bungie's business (hacking, account selling, key sellers)

Bungie's Rights to Promote and Use Content from the Competition

  • In consideration of Bungie granting you the right to operate a competition under this license, you agree that Bungie can choose to promote your community competition, and may use the results of your community event to qualify players for Bungie sponsored competitions
  • By operating or sponsoring a competition using the Destiny Competition License, you agree to license to Bungie for free and forever, any rights that you may have in the broadcasted content, highlights, video and still content and news regarding the competition for Bungie to copy, modify, distribute, or publicly display or to sublicense those rights to someone else

Host a Good Game

  • The rules for the competition should promote a fun and engaging experience for the players, with skill in playing the game being the factor that determines who will win or lose matches in the competition
  • Organizers and sponsors must comply with other Bungie policies as may be amended from time to time. If there is not a right granted in another Bungie policy, the right does not exist
  • The competition must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the policies of any third-party service you are using to stream or broadcast your matches
  • Bungie may revoke a Destiny Competition License if the competition promotes or represents anything contrary to Bungie's values or interests, the interpretation and application of which is at Bungie's sole discretion

Additional Terms

  • You agree that Bungie may audit your books and records to ensure that you have complied with the terms of this Agreement
  • If there is a disagreement between you and Bungie, we will try to resolve those issues by negotiating with each other for thirty days. If that doesn't work, any disputes will be resolved in the courts in King County, Washington.
  • This Destiny Competition License is governed by the laws of the State of Washington, without reference to its conflict of laws principles
If you follow the above conditions, you may proceed with your event without further license from Bungie. A competition that is being operated under the above license is neither officially supported nor endorsed by Bungie and you must notify the participants of this fact. The Destiny Competition License means that Bungie has given you permission to run a community competition as long as these certain stipulations are met and you agree to and do abide by all of the obligations in this Destiny Competition License. It is your responsibility to prove the legitimacy of your competition to potential players and spectators. Bungie may, at its sole discretion, at any time, and without notice, change, revoke or cancel this Destiny Competition License.


The terms, conditions and notices governing the Destiny Competition License are drafted in the English language and, in the event of any conflict between the English language version of these terms, conditions and notices and any translation hereof, the English language version will govern.