Destiny 2 Microsoft Store and Xbox App for PC Guide

Destiny 2 is now available on the Microsoft Store and Xbox app for PC!

Creating Your Account

If you already play on Xbox, use that same Microsoft Account to sign into your PC's Microsoft Store and skip to the next section.

      1. Go to the Start   button on Windows 10, and open Microsoft Store from the app list.
      2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account. If you don't have a Microsoft account yet, you can create one in the app or sign up here.
        • You may have to click the Profile icon   at the top-right of the screen to sign in.
        • If you already signed in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft Account, that account will be linked to the user account signed in on the PC and may already be logged into the Microsoft Store. If you want to use a different account, click select the Profile icon   to open the account window, select "Sign Out," then sign into the desired Microsoft Account.
      3. If you download the Xbox app and sign into it with your Microsoft Account, a Gamertag will be auto-created for you if you don't already have a Gamertag. 

Once players have set up their Microsoft Account, they can link it to their account to enable Cross Save, allowing players to take their main Destiny 2 characters to any platform available.

Activating Cross Save

Bring your Destiny 2 characters from other platforms to the Microsoft Store on PC with Cross Save!

  1. Players who only want to play on the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox platforms don’t need to enable Cross Save since they will use the same Microsoft Account.
  2. To add another platform account to Cross-Save, go to our Cross Save page, sign into your platform account, select the account that has your main characters on it, and press "Activate."


Destiny 2 add-ons cannot be shared or transferred between platforms, including between Destiny 2 on the Microsoft Store and Xbox consoles. For more information, please see our Cross Save FAQ.

Silver will be shared across Microsoft Accounts on any Microsoft platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Microsoft Store, and the Xbox app for PC. 

Installing & Accessing Destiny 2


Installing Destiny 2
Once players are logged into the Microsoft Store or Xbox App on PC, type "Destiny 2" in the search bar and click on Destiny 2 and press the "Get" button to purchase the title. Players can then initiate the installation from this same store page.

Accessing Destiny 2
To begin playing Destiny 2, click the "Play" button on the Destiny 2 page inside the Microsoft Store or Xbox PC app, or click on Destiny 2 inside the Start   menu or Desktop.

      • Season Passes included in specific Destiny 2 bundles in-game
      • Activities: Seasonal*, Raids**, Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, and more! 
      • All Destinations

*Seasonal content is only available for a limited time.

**Certain Raids are only available with the purchase of specific Destiny 2 expansions.

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Storage Requirements


Vital Information & Troubleshooting

Vital Information

  • View Known Issues found in Destiny 2
  • Silver will be shared across Microsoft Accounts on any Microsoft platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Microsoft Store, and the Xbox app for PC.
    • If Silver is purchased in a platform store that a Microsoft Account isn't signed in to, the Microsoft Account will have to sign into that platform to receive that Silver.
    • If Silver is purchased outside of the game while the game is running, the amount may take several minutes to appear in game. You can force your Silver balance to refresh either by selecting the “Buy Silver” option in the in-game Store tab, or by restarting the game.
  • BattlEye Anti-Cheat will be automatically installed when downloading Destiny 2 and will run in the background whenever Destiny 2 launches. 


  • When a new Destiny 2 update is available, players may receive the "Destiny Servers are not available" message when signing in if they haven't installed the update. To check for updates,
      1. Go into the Microsoft Store app, press the ". . ." button next to your profile icon, press "Downloads and updates," and then press the "Get updates" button.
      2. Go into the Xbox PC app, click the "My Collection" button in the top left, then "Manage Installs" in the top-right. You will then see a list of all installed Xbox games, what updates are available, and the option to turn on automatic updates (we recommend you turn this on). Updating the title from here will bring you in sync and allow you to connect to the game servers.
  • On Xbox Game Bar versions prior to 5.721.8052.0, if a player sends an invite to another player who isn't playing Destiny 2 and they accept the invite, the game will fail to launch and show a Microsoft Store error message. If the game is launched after the error is displayed, players will join into the invited session without issue.
  • If a player is signed into a different Microsoft Account in the Microsoft Store than the Microsoft Account that is signed into the Xbox app, they will not be able to spend their Silver balance or make any real money purchases of Silver or Add-Ons from Eververse until they log in with the same account on both applications and restart the game. It is a requirement that the account logged into both the Microsoft Store and the Xbox app matches in order to spend Silver, buy Silver, or purchase Add-Ons.