Legacy Support for Destiny 1 Known Issues

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Legacy Support for Destiny 1 Known Issues

Destiny 1 will no longer receive planned game updates or content. Please see below for a list of known Destiny 1 issues that may be encountered during game play.
PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Legacy Consoles: The information on this page is only valid for Destiny on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles. For information on Destiny: The Taken King on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Legacy Consoles, please see the Destiny 1 on Legacy Consoles Guide.



  • ECHO CHAMBER: If a player dies directly next to the first gate during the Echo Chamber Strike, they may be respawned on the wrong side of the gate. In order to proceed past the Campus 9 area, Fireteam members must complete the current objective, or the Strike will need to be restarted.
  • SCOURGE OF WINTER: Some players have reported that entering and then leaving the throne room in the Scourge of Winter mission will cause the door to close behind them preventing them from re-entering the throne room.
  • SHRINE OF ORYX: Players may encounter an issue where they're unable to progress the Hall of Wisdom checkpoint during the Shrine of Oryx mission. If the objective does not update properly, players may need to revisit a previous checkpoint to progress.
  • COURT OF ORYX: Court or Oryx activity completions do not count toward the progression of Quest steps or Bounties requiring Public Event completions. Abandoning a Patrol mission before or after entering the Court of Oryx may cause the objective progress UI not to display properly.
  • OVERMIND MINOTAUR: The detainment fields created by the Overmind Minotaur can no longer be damaged by other Fireteam members and must be destroyed by the player that is trapped within the field.
  • TREASURE ROOM: Occasionally, players may be unable to enter the Treasure Room because their characters died after completing the final round or they had connection issues. It is recommended that players still remain in the activity until the "Mission Complete" prompt appears so that they may receive any activity completion rewards they earned.
  • CHALLENGE OF ELDERS: ORBS OF LIGHT: Players will only receive points for each instance in which Orbs of Light are generated in the Challenge of the Elders. Generating Orbs in separate instances, even if they are from the same Super, will offer more points.



  • GENERAL: Some Quests do not show completion progress when viewed in the Quest Inventory.
  • SCOUR THE DREADNAUGHT: Only Hive and Taken enemies kills on the Dreadnaught count towards the completion of the "Scour the Dreadnaught" quest from Petra Venj.
  • PATH OF THE SUNSINGER: To complete the "Slay Enemies" step of the "Path of the Sunsinger" quest, players will need to kill enemies with melee ability attacks or grenades while Radiance is active.
  • COMPLETE THE PATH: In order to complete the quest step "Complete the Path" the same subclass must be equipped that was used in the previous quest step ("Create 25 Orbs of Light"). To resolve this issue, equip the subclass used in the previous quest step in any location, return to Orbit, then visit the Tower and speak with the appropriate Vanguard mentor.
  • COURT OF ORYX: the Quest marker for starting "The Court of Oryx" Quest is not visible. This Quest can be accessed by speaking to Eris Morn in the Tower after participating in any Court of Oryx victory on any tier.
  • VANGUARD ELITE: The Elite Challenges Quest Step from the Vanguard Elite Quest requires players to acquire Vanguard Weekly Elite Bounties from Commander Zavala. Without these Bounties, players will be unable to progress this Quest Step.
  • VARIATIONS ON A THEME: To complete the Variations on a Theme Quest, players must select the "Light 320" Difficulty of the required strikes through the Director when progressing through the Quest.


Record Books

Rise of Iron
  • THE LIFE EXOTIC: Exotic Quests "Songs from the Void" and "Hymns of Fire", from Destiny Update 2.5.0, do not contribute to "The Life Exotic" milestone in the Rise of Iron Record Book. This node requires players only to complete the 4 Exotic weapons Quests which were added with Destiny: Rise of Iron.
  • THE LIFE EXOTIC: The "A Life Exotic" node in the Rise of Iron Record Book is completed by finishing all of the Rise of Iron Exotic Quests. Occasionally players may encounter an issue in which they have received all of the Exotic Weapons from these Quests, but the Record Book does not show that they are eligible to complete the "A Life Exotic" node. Players that have encountered this issue may need to check their Abandoned Quest kiosk for any remaining steps from the Exotic Quests that need to be completed. Once all steps from all of the Rise of Iron Exotic Quests have been completed, the "A Life Exotic" node in the Rise of Iron Record Book will become eligible for completion.
  • PATROL WITH IT: The Weekly Patrol Quest referred to in requirements for this Milestone is the "This Corrupted Land" Quest. Players will need to complete this Quest multiple times to meet the requirements for the Milestone. Progress on this Milestone can be accomplished across multiple Characters on a player's account.
  • TAKE A STRIKE: Completing Strikes in the SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist will not contribute to progress on this Milestone. Progress on this Milestone can be accomplished across multiple Characters on a player's account.
  • SUPREME LEADER: Supremacy matches that are in alternate playlists, such as Inferno, Rumble, or Mayhem, will not contribute to progress on this Milestone. Progress on this Milestone can be accomplished across multiple Characters on a player's account.
Age of Triumph
  • HARD AS IRON: Completing story missions within the "Iron Lords" Weekly Story Playlist does not contribute progress to the "Hard as Iron" Record Book Milestone.


Items and Rewards

  • FACTION RANK UP REWARDS: Upon ranking up a Faction or Vendor, reward packages will be lost if not acquired prior to an additional rank up.
  • SIVA CACHE KEYS: If a player creates a SIVA Cache Key by combining 10 SIVA Key Fragments while their Consumable Inventory is full, the newly created SIVA Cache Key will be sent to the Postmaster. If the player then creates space in their Consumable Inventory, and creates another SIVA Cache Key, all newly created keys will also be forwarded to the Postmaster.
  • SKELETON KEYS: Players can only had a maximum of 5 Skeleton Keys in their Inventory. Any Skeleton Keys earned after a Player has reached the maximum will be sent to the Postmaster.
  • ARTIFACTS: REQUIREMENTS: It is possible for characters to reach Level 40 and not have the Artifacts inventory slot unlocked. For the Artifacts inventory slot to unlock, the character must be Level 40 and have earned an Artifact through normal gameplay.
  • ARTIFACTS: PERKS: Some Legendary Artifacts currently display incorrect perk nodes and descriptions.
  • BELTANE SHADER: To unlock the Beltane Shader, players must acquire 50/50 Calcified Fragments and complete the Quest "The Old Hunger" on a single character.
  • CALCIFIED FRAGMENTS: In order to complete quest specific quantity requirements, all Fragments must be found on that specific character. Calcified Fragments found on other characters will not count towards the individual quest.
  • QUEENS WRATH BOUNTIES: Some Queen's Wrath bounties available from Petra Venj in the Vestian Outpost do not grant experience to equipped gear.
  • POSTMASTER: Activity rewards and Rare, Legendary, or Exotic Engrams that are left on the ground can be automatically sent to the Postmaster, but only after the player has successfully Returned to Orbit from the activity. Any other item must be collected into the player's Inventory in order to be saved. Some items, such as Materials, are not sent to Postmaster if Inventory is full.
  • EXOTIC FACTION CLASS ITEMS: Exotic Faction Class items cannot be equipped unless a pledge has been made to their respective faction. If an Exotic Faction Class item is equipped when a pledge is abandoned, all benefits will be lost. This can be identified by the class item appearing grayed out within a character's inventory.
  • CRYPTARCH VENDORS: Cryptarch vendors can sometimes show multiple icons for a single glimmer consumable. When the player turns in one of the items the duplicate icon will disappear as well.
  • CRYPTARCH REPUTATION PACKAGES: All Cryptarch rank increase packages must be picked up from Master Rahool in the Tower.
  • SPEAKER: In order to see the Speakers exchange materials list, players must have appropriate materials in character Inventory.
  • NECROCHASM: The Necrochasm perk "Cursebringer" does not trigger when killing a flying enemy.
  • HUSK OF THE PIT: The Cannibalism node in the talent grid for Husk of the Pit does not increment when killing Ultra versions of required enemies. These enemies can be identified by a Yellow health bar.
  • RED MIASMA GLOVES: There is an issue where the red Miasma Gloves from Wrath of the Machine are currently missing geometry on the left shoulder piece.


Trial Mode

  • CHARACTER LEVEL 34: Players will not be able to advance their character level beyond Level 34 if they do not own Destiny: The Taken King.
  • LOSS OF CONNECTION: While playing the Destiny Trial on the Xbox One, players will be kicked if they minimize the game. Minimizing occurs when a player, while in the game, presses the Xbox button. To avoid this error, please refrain from minimizing the Destiny Trial.
  • XBOX DISC ERROR: This error occurs when, on an Xbox One, a Destiny retail disc is inserted while the Destiny Trial is running. To resolve this issue, the Destiny Trial Client must be uninstalled from the console.



  • ENEMY HEALTH: Bungie is aware of an issue in which a player's Health Bar may occasionally display health regeneration in an unexpected way. When this occurs, the player's Health Bar will appear to be split into different segments with each segment regenerating separately. However, this is purely a visual oddity and has no impact on the actual behavior of a player's health regeneration.
  • RESPAWN ANIMATIONS: Exotic Faction Class Item respawn animations do not activate if the player has either an Iron Lord Artifact equipped, a Lens Artifact equipped, or a regular Artifact equipped that has had its final perk column activated.
User Interface
  • CHARACTER INVENTORY: We are currently aware of an issue where players will become stuck in Player Inventory. If encountering this issue, please follow this workaround PlayStation 4: Press the Touchpad PlayStation 3: Press the Select Button Xbox One: Press the Menu button Xbox 360: Press the Back button.
  • ALTERNATIVE BUTTON LAYOUT TOOLTIPS: Some Weapon tooltips may not be accurate when using an alternative Button Layout. Please review the in-game Button Layout menu to determine the accurate button assignment.
  • INFUSION TOOLTIP: Some weapons with long perk descriptions, such as the Hereafter Exotic Sniper Rifle, can have the bottom portion of their tooltip in the Infusion menu hidden beyond the bounds of the screen.
Trophies and Achievements
  • HUNTER "MASTERY": Completing the progression for the Hunter Nightstalker, Titan Sunbreaker, or Warlock Stormcaller does not award the "Mastery" Trophy/Achievement.
  • NOT UNLOCKING: Occasionally, a Trophy or Achievement will not automatically unlock once a player has met all the requirements. Players encountering a delay in their Trophy or Achievement unlocking may want to sign out and back into their PSN or Xbox Account and then restart Destiny.
  • "RAIDING PARTY": This Trophy or Achievement has a few requirements that must be met to be unlocked: a Raid is completed with a Fireteam consisting of members of a player's Clan; the Raid is completed in one session; the player's Destiny account must be linked to their Bungie.net profile; all Clan members in the Fireteam have the Clan tags on and visible; and the Fireteam cannot swap players or Characters during the Raid.
  • INCORRECTLY REMOVED FROM FIRETEAM: Players may occasionally be incorrectly removed from their Fireteam and returned to orbit, even if they are playing solo. Players that are encountering this issue may want to clear their Console Cache to help resolve the issue.
  • HARDWARE SUPPORT: Players that are encountering issues with their console hardware or third-party accessories should contact PlayStation Support, Xbox Support, or the manufacturer of the accessory.
  • CINEMATICS: After completing missions and certain story-based activities, a timer will begin counting down to the end of the activity until characters are automatically sent into orbit. Bypassing these countdowns and manually returning to orbit skips the cinematics that normally play at the end of activities.
  • GRIMOIRE: CHROMA: The "Chroma" Grimoire Card is no longer available. Players may have only acquired this Grimoire Card by opening a Sterling Treasure, which is no longer available.


Character Abilities

Titan Subclasses
  • DEFENDER: If a player receives multiple buffs from alternate Defender Subclass abilities, they may be removed from their character when exiting a Ward of Dawn.
  • SUNBREAKER: The Titan Sunbreaker perk "Fire Keeper" gives the player an overshield when standing in a Sunspot. If a second Sunspot is created that overlaps the first, the overshield will not be maintained by the second Sunspot. To get the overshield benefit from the second Sunspot, the player will need to exit and re-enter the Sunspot
Warlock Subclasses
  • STORMCALLER: When Year 2 "Claws of Ahamkara" gauntlets are equipped, the perk Amplitude will not trigger unless both melee nodes are charged.


Reporting an Issue

When encountering an issue, players are advised to post a report to the #Help forum with the following information:
  • PSN ID or Xbox Live Gamertag
  • Time in which issue occurred
  • Activity in which issue occurred
  • Description of what happened
While players may not receive a response, issues will be recorded for investigation.


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