Guardian Ranks



Guardian Ranks are a progression system that showcases a player's proficiency and knowledge of game systems and activities.


Progressing Through Guardian Ranks

Within each Guardian Rank, there will be a set of objectives for players to complete in order to achieve the next rank. These objectives will increase in difficulty and complexity as higher ranks are achieved.

For newer players progressing through Guardian Ranks for the first time, these objectives can also permanently unlock additional gameplay features such as Armor Modifications or Loadout Slots.

Once all objectives for a Rank are completed, players must interact with the Ironwood Tree in the Tower to claim their newly earned rank.


Advanced Guardian Ranks

Advanced Guardian Ranks show mastery of new mechanics and challenges, but unlike the earlier ranks will fade if not renewed each Season. Advanced Ranks are renewed by completing all of the incomplete objectives before the Season ends.

While some objectives for Advanced Ranks only need to be completed once, others are updated to reflect new Seasonal content or activities. These need to be completed on a Seasonal basis to renew an Advanced Rank.

Players will always display the highest Guardian Rank achieved during the current or previous Season with their username when viewed in-game.