Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike Scoring


With the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep a new Nightfall: The Ordeal playlist is available to all players. Listed below is vital information that players should be aware of when participating in Nightfall: The Ordeal: 

  • One Nightfall: The Ordeal is available per week
  • Five difficulty tiers: Adept, Hero, Legend, Master, Grandmaster
  • Matchmaking available for Adept and Hero tiers 
  • Champions spawn at Hero difficulty and above
  • Scoring is team-based and the sum of individual performances
  • Scoring is primarily driven by kills and secondarily by orb generation
  • Score bleeds over time
  • Scoring cuts off after time thresholds based upon the select difficulty tier


Exclusive Emblems, Weapons, and Cosmetics

Players who complete each featured Nightfall or Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike will be awarded that Strike's Nightfall Emblem. This emblem will track a player's highest score achieved for that Strike. Players will also have a chance to earn exclusive weapons and cosmetics unique to each Strike.