Year 4 Triumphs Update


With the launch of Year 4 on November 10, 2020, the updated Triumphs system will become available to all players. 

Updated Triumphs

From the new Triumphs menu players can track their in game achievements in Destiny 2, as well as update their Emblem Stat Trackers, equip Titles, and read Lore. The following sections will now be available to players from their updated Triumphs screen. 

Active Triumphs

  • View currently available Triumph Sets and Triumph Score, as well as current progress towards Triumph completions. 

Legacy Triumphs

  • View Legacy Triumph Sets, Triumph Score, and Seals. Players who previously earned Legacy Seals and associated Titles can equip them from the Legacy Triumphs menu.

  • View currently available Seals and equip associated Titles.


  • View medals from Gambit and Crucible activities.


  • View currently unlocked Exotic Weapon Catalysts and progress towards Exotic Weapon Catalyst objectives.

Stat Trackers

  • View and equip Emblem Stat Trackers.


At the start of Year 4 the process to unlock and view Lore entries will be updated. Moving forward, all Lore will be unlocked with an associated Triumph. When a Triumph that grants Lore is earned, the Lore entry is marked as earned and revealed to the player.
All Lore books from Years 1-3 will be revealed for all players, but only players who had previously earned a Lore entry will have it marked as earned. From the new Lore tab players can:
  • View and read earned Lore
  • View and read revealed Lore

Updated Organization of Triumphs

With the start of Year 4 Triumphs have been reorganized into Triumph Sets. The Triumph sets available at the launch of Year 4 include:
  • A Lifetime set
  • A set per-destination
  • A Season 12 set
Where applicable, player progress will be moved forward from previous Triumphs into these new Triumph Sets. The Triumphs earned from these Triumph Sets will make up player's socially exposed Triumph Score.

Legacy Triumphs

Moving forward, when a destination or seasonal content moves into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) their associated Triumph Sets and Seals will become Legacy Triumphs and Seals. In the Legacy Triumphs menu players can view which Triumphs they’ve completed and the score earned in a Triumph Set. This Score will no longer contribute to the players socially exposed Triumph Score. 
Due to the refresh and reorganization of triumphs into new Triumph Sets, the player’s Year 3 Triumphs Score will be locked and archived at the launch of Year 4 on November 10, 2020. The player’s progress for all Year 3 Triumphs will be locked and stored for display on their profile. 

A number of Seals will also become Legacy Seals at the launch of Year 4. The progress towards these Seals will be locked and displayed in the Legacy Triumphs menu. Any earned Titles from these Seals will still be available to equip from the Legacy Triumphs menu.

Legacy Triumph Scores

  • As content enters the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) or seasonal content becomes unavailable, players will see a portion of their previous Triumph Score retired as the associated Triumph Sets become Legacy Triumphs. At this time the current maximum available Triumph Score will change. Players can view the culmination of their previous Triumph Scores from the past in the Legacy Triumphs menu.

Legacy Lore
  • Lore entries will be automatically revealed for all players once their associated Triumphs become Legacy Triumphs. Players who earned the Triumphs and associated Lore prior to them becoming Legacy Triumphs will have their accomplishments denoted on their Lore entries.

Legacy Seals and Titles

  • Legacy Seals and Titles will be available to equip from the Legacy Triumphs menu if previously earned by players prior to them becoming Legacy Seals.

Seals and Titles Archived in Year 4

Once Year 4 begins the following Seals and associated Titles will become Legacy Seals and unavailable to earn. Legacy Seals and Titles will be available to equip from the Legacy Triumphs menu if previously earned:

Seal Title
A Shadow Rises Shadow
Reckoner Reckoner
Black Armory Blacksmith
Destinations Wayfarer
Lore Chronicler
Undying Undying
Dawn Savior
Almighty Almighty
Arrivals Forerunner
Moments of Triumph 2020 MMXX