Destiny 2 Eververse Items Guide

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Eververse Items are available for purchase using Silver or Bright Dust from an Eververse Trading Co. storefront. Additionally, some Eververse Items are available to be earned through gameplay. Most Eververse Items are cosmetic and none are required to access any part of Destiny 2. Please see below for details on the items available for purchase from Eververse Trading Co., as well as a list of vital information players may need to know about Eververse Items.

Bright Engrams

Bright Engrams can be earned through gameplay. Upon opening a Bright Engram, players will acquire a randomized assortment of customization items.
    • Opening Bright Engrams:  Bright Engrams are placed in the Character's Engram Inventory and can be opened by visiting an Eververse Trading Co. storefront.

    • Seasonal Offerings: Eververse Trading Co. will offer new Bright Engrams with each new Season in Destiny 2. Each Seasonal Bright Engram will have a new name, such as the Season 2 Illuminated Engram. Each Seasonal Eververse Engram will contain new and exclusive items, along with a handful of returning items from previous Seasonal Eververse Engrams.

    • Overflow Item Loss: Occasionally, overflow items may still be sent to the Postmaster if the Character Inventory is full when opening Bright Engrams or receiving Bright Engrams through gameplay. The Postmaster can only hold a limited number of items and items may be cycled out of the Postmaster Inventory if that limit is reached. It is highly recommended to always retrieve items from the Postmaster as soon as possible to avoid losing items. As part of the Deleted Character and Item Policy, Bungie does not replace or recover items lost from the Postmaster.

    • Duplicate Items: Some items from Bright Engrams can be acquired multiple times. Duplicates can be dismantled to provide the player with Glimmer and / or Legendary Shards. Other items, such as Emotes and Finishers, can only be acquired once because they unlock the access rights for the item on the player's account and can then be retrieved from the associated Collection.

Bright Dust

Bright Dust is an in-game currency that is generally acquired by opening Eververse items or completing bounties. Bright Dust can be used at Eververse Trading Co. to directly purchase a selection of Eververse Items.
    • Bright Dust Cannot Be Purchased: Bright Dust cannot be purchased directly from Eververse Trading Co. and cannot be traded in for Silver or for other in-game currencies.

    • Account Bound: Bright Dust is bound to the account that acquired the Bright Dust and cannot be transferred or gifted. Bright Dust and items purchased with Bright Dust cannot be shared between accounts by platform license-sharing features.

    • Balance Shared Between Characters: The Bright Dust currency is automatically shared between Characters on a Destiny 2 account.

    • Purchasing Bright Dust Items: Players can use Bright Dust to purchase a wide variety of items from Eververse Trading Co., including items normally only available from Bright Engrams. The Eververse Items available to purchase with Bright Dust will change with the Weekly and Seasonal Resets.

Eververse Bounties

With the release of Shadowkeep, Eververse Bounties that offer Bright Dust have been retired. 
    • Weekly Bounties: Players can now obtain Bright Dust through weekly bounties offered by Lord Shaxx, Zavala, and the Drifter.

Item Returns

Some Eververse Items are eligible for an Item Return in which players have up to 7 days to return eligible items that have not been opened or used.
    • Item Eligibility: Items that provide random rewards upon purchase or opening are not eligible for Item Returns. Items purchased with Bright Dust are not eligible for Item Returns.

    • Return Period: Items eligible for an Item Return have a 7-day return period with a countdown timer displayed in-game. If players do not return the item before the return period expires, the item will become ineligible for an item return.

Vital Information

Below is some additional information players may need to know about Eververse Items.
    • Eververse Purchase History: Players can check their Destiny 2 Eververse Purchase History from their profile in the Destiny Companion on or the Mobile App. Please note: some transactions may take a few minutes to show up and that Silver add-on purchases made outside of the game may not show up until the player logs back into Destiny 2.

    • Korean Region and IGRs: Players in the Korean Region or that are playing from a Korean IGR will have some minor differences in the purchase flow, inventory and availability of some Eververse Items.

    • Previewing Contents: Players can use the Preview Item option in Bright Engrams and other Eververse Items to preview the guaranteed and possible reward columns, the rewards contained in an item category, and the appearances, effects, or sounds of an individual item.

    • Item Recovery: Some items, such as Emotes, can only be acquired once because they unlock the access rights for the item on the player's account and can then be re-acquired or equipped from their associated Collection.

    • Seasonal Eververse Changes: Each new Season in Destiny 2 will feature a new Seasonal Bright Engram. Many items from a previous Seasonal Bright Engram will NOT be carried forward into the new Season’s Eververse offerings and may not be available again.

    • Gleaming Boon Consumables: The Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard and the Gleaming Boon of the Crucible consumables are locked to the Strike or Crucible match in which they were activated. Players that leave or are disconnected from the activity in which the consumable was used will not be eligible to receive any items from the Boon Consumable. Players that remain in the Strike or Crucible match will still be eligible to receive items from the Boon Consumable.

    • Exotic Weapon and Armor Ornaments: Players may receive Exotic Weapon Ornaments or Exotic Armor Ornaments when opening a Bright Engram. When received, these items will be placed in the Modifications sub-menu of their Character Inventory. Please note: Bright Engrams cannot grant players actual Exotic Weapons or Exotic Armor pieces.

    • Exotic Ornament Recovery: Exotic Ornaments can only be acquired once because they unlock the Ornament slot on all instances of the associated Exotic gear. If a player uses the "Unlock" action on the Exotic Ornament in their Modifications sub-menu, the Exotic Ornament will be removed from their Inventory, but will be unlocked on the associated Exotic gear.

    • Decrypting Bright Engrams: Even though they may appear in the Vendor screen, the Cryptarch cannot decrypt Bright Engrams earned through gameplay. Players will need to visit an Eververse Trading Co. storefront to open their Bright Engrams.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The availability of items, features, or mechanics in Eververse Trading Co. are subject to change. The above information represents the current system as of the date the document was published.