Destiny Audio Guide

For an optimal audio experience in Destiny, please see the below recommendations.

Console System Settings

For all console platforms, the recommend system settings are the ones that have the audio play through the headset.
  • PlayStation 5: The recommended system setting is Chat Audio to hear only incoming chat, or All Audio to hear all incoming audio as well as chat.
  • Xbox Series X|S: The Xbox Series X|S does not have any additional system settings for voice chat and audio that needs to be selected. Players can choose to update their volume mixing from their audio settings.
  • PlayStation 4: The recommended system setting is Chat Audio for optimal use with in-game audio settings.
  • Xbox One: The Xbox One does not have any additional system settings for voice chat and audio that needs to be selected.
  • PlayStation 3: Players should ensure that the system output device is set to USB Headphone, Bluetooth Headphone, or whichever audio device appears.
  • Xbox 360: The recommended system setting is Headset Only for the best audio experience with any in-game settings.

Voice Chat Settings

There are several options for voice chat settings which can be accessed through the in-game Settings menu in Destiny 2 and Destiny 1.


  • Blended: Voice chat is heard through the speakers as well as through the headset. This option includes in-game proximity and reverb effects. While this is a great option for many players, some players may experience problems when using this setting with gaming headphones or may experience audio feedback through their speakers.
  • Headset Only: Voice chat will be heard only through the gaming headset. This is the default option.
  • Speakers Only: Voice chat will only be heard through the speakers or gaming headphones. This option includes in-game proximity and reverb effects.


  • Voice Chat: On (Default) or Off
  • Push-To-Talk: Disabled (Default) or Enabled (Use the Key Mapping menu to set the push to talk button)
  • Team Voice Channel: Manually Opt-in (Default) and Automatic Opt-in

Cross Play Voice Chat Troubleshooting

If players encounter issues hearing other players using in-game voice chat when engaging in Cross Platform play, they should try the following:
  • Check the Voice Chat settings to ensure they are properly enabled in-game.
  • Unplugging and re-plugging headphones or speakers.
  • Ensure that they are in the correct voice chat channel.
  • Check to see if the player is blocked. Blocked players will be unable to communicate with the blocking player via voice chat.

At the launch of Cross Play, players on Xbox consoles should also be aware of the following issues:

  • Xbox players will still hear voice and receive invites from anyone even if privacy settings are set to friends or in-game friends only.
  • Xbox players will still be able to hear other Xbox players who are in their fireteam even if that player is on their mute list. 
  • Xbox players will need to use an Xbox Certified headset in order to successfully connect and participate in voice chat.

Stadia and Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Players must ensure that Destiny 2 has permission to use their microphone within their Stadia or Windows 10 Privacy Settings.


  • Navigate to Stadia Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Ensure that "Who can send you voice chat and party invites" is not set to Private.

Windows 10:

  • If Destiny 2 is open, close the game entirely.
  • Click the Start button.
  • Type "Privacy" without quotes.
  • Select "Microphone Privacy Settings" from the given results.
  • On the left of the new screen, select "Microphone".
  • Under "Let apps use my microphone", ensure the toggle is set to ON.
  • Scroll down the list of apps below that toggle to find "Destiny 2". Make sure they are also toggled to ON.
  • Relaunch the game.

Players on PC who continue to encounter issues may also try the following:

  • Check NAT type.
  • Check if microphone is listed as default device on PC.
  • Restart Windows Audio Service.
    • Select services.msc and select the Service app.
    • Scroll down your Services(Local) list and locate Windows Audio.
    • Right click Windows Audio and Select Restart.
    • Check that your Microphone is now working.
    • If that does not work, right-click the Windows Audio and select Properties.
    • In the Windows Audio properties window, check if the Startup type is set to Automatic. If not, set it to Automatic and click Apply to save the changes. Restart the computer and see if this solves the problem.
  • Disable any VPNs.

Destiny Audio Settings

There are several in-game audio options which can be accessed through the Settings menu in Destiny 2.
  • SFX Volume: This setting adjusts the volume level of all sound effects in the game, including most enemy combatant vocalizations.
  • Dialogue/Cinematics Volume: This setting adjusts the volume level of all spoken dialogue and all audio in pre-rendered cinematics.
  • Music Volume: This setting adjusts the volume level of game music, including music that may be emitted by objects within the game. The music in the pre-rendered cinematics is not impacted by this setting.
  • Chat Volume: This setting adjusts the volume of the in-game Fireteam voice chat. These settings only apply to the chat audio coming out of the speakers or headphones, not the chat headset. The platform's Party Chat will not be impacted by this setting and is instead controlled by console settings.

Vital Information

Please see below for some additional information regarding specific audio hardware issues and other vital information.
  • PC Bluetooth Headphones: Players that are using Bluetooth headphones on the PC while having in-game voice chat enabled may encounter an issue in which Destiny 2 does not play sound properly over the headphones. To resolve this issue, players can disable in-game voice chat or they can change their audio playback settings to not use the stereo Bluetooth option. To change audio playback settings, players should right click on the speaker icon in their system tray, select playback devices, and then set both the default device and default communications device to choose the hands-free Bluetooth device.

  • Astro and Turtle Beach Headphones: These headphones may need to be set up differently on the PlayStation 4 for chat audio. Astro and Turtle Beach headphones use a mixamp, and will not function as standard Stereo headsets if the mixamp is not in use. To get chat audio through the headset, the recommended settings are to use the "Chat Audio" system setting on the PlayStation 4 and either the Headset or Blended in-game settings.

  • XP Seven Turtle Beach Headphones: Using these headphones without the Audio Control Unit will cause some issues with directional audio cues and with radio mode (i.e. when the speaker is not close to the player).

  • Settings Should Match Physical Setup: Players should ensure that their system audio settings match their physical setup. Using system sound settings set to 5.1 or 7.1 on a sound system that only supports stereo will cause issues with direction audio cues.

  • Audio Output Should Match Channel Configuration: Players should ensure that platform audio output matches their audio system channel configuration. For example, players that are only using two speakers or their television speakers, should set their platform configuration to Stereo.

  • High-Pitched Noise on Xbox One: Players that have the Kinect Chat Mixer enabled on their Xbox One may hear a high-pitched noise while playing Destiny. To resolve this issue, players should navigate to the Settings menu, then to Display & Sound, and then to Chat Mix and change the option to Do Nothing.