Destiny 2 Inventory Management: Postmaster, Vault, and Character Inventory

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Within Destiny 2, players will have multiple ways to manage their Inventory, whether it be through items held on Characters, within the Vault, or received by the Postmaster.


Character Inventory

When viewing the Character menu within Destiny 2, players have access to the following inventory slots which can hold up to 10 of each item:


  • Kinetic Weapons
  • Energy Weapons
  • Power Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Gauntlets
  • Chest Armor
  • Leg Armor
  • Class Armor
  • Ghosts

Cosmetic Gear

  • Ships
  • Sparrows
  • Emblems
  • Emotes
  • Finishers

Within the Inventory menu, players will see three inventory categories, which may hold up to 50 individual or bundled items per category:
  • Consumables
  • Modifications

These categories can be sorted by newest, rarity, or quantity. Some items may be seen across multiple Characters, whereas some will be restricted to a single Character's inventory.

Vault and Collections

Once a Social Space has been unlocked, players will be granted access to the Vault and Collections.


The following items may be stored within the Vault:
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Consumables
    • Modifications
    • Ships
    • Sparrows
Players may place up to 600 individual or bundled items within the Vault, which may be sorted by newest, rarity, or quantity.


Since the launch of Forsaken, Collections has been updated to reflect all items players can collect in Destiny 2. Items that do not have randomized perks can be taken from Collections by purchasing them with a combination of materials that can include glimmer, legendary shards, gunsmith materials, and/or planetary materials.
    • Exotic Items (includes all exotic weapons and all exotic armor)
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Mods
    • Equipment (includes ships, sparrows, and ghost shells)
    • Flair (includes emblems, shaders, transmat effects, finishers, and miscellaneous items such as masks from Festival of the Lost)
Emotes are viewable from the Character screen in the Cosmetic Gear section.


Collections tracking was not available until the release of Warmind; any items collected and dismantled / discarded before Warmind's release will not appear in Collections.


Once a Social Space has been unlocked, players will gain access to the Postmaster. If an item is not collected before returning to orbit or proceeding to an alternate destination, it will be sent to the Postmaster.
  • Items held by the Postmaster may be lost if not manually retrieved and stored in the Vault.
  • Items are discarded from the Postmaster when accruing over 20 "Lost Items" or deleting a Character.
  • Bungie does not replace in-game items that are lost, or discarded. (Deleted Item and Character Policy)