CVARS Guide: CVARS Troubleshooting and Setting a Framerate Cap

Deleting CVARS.xml

When players encounter issues with key binding, graphics, or other settings, deleting their CVARS.xml file should be the first step to troubleshooting the issue. As a general rule, players should also ensure that their OS and drivers have been updated to their latest versions when troubleshooting gameplay and performance issues.

To clear CVARS, players must:

  • Close Destiny 2
  • See file directory: 
  • Select and delete the CVARS.xml file in this directory
  • Relaunch Destiny 2



When relaunched, Destiny 2 will generate a fresh CVARS.xml file. This will revert all custom player settings in Destiny 2 to their defaults. Players may readjust these settings to their preference by relaunching Destiny 2 and visiting Settings after selecting a character.


Setting a Framerate Cap

In addition to storing players' settings, as selected through the in-game user interface, the following setting is only available directly through CVARS.

Setting or Removing a Framerate Cap:

  • Players are able to manually set their framerate cap by inputting a value into:
  • The value 0 sets the framerate cap to its default value of 200 frames per second.
  • To uncap the framerate fully, set the value to a number beyond your expected framerate bounds, such as 10000.


Setting Secondary Key Mappings

A second key/control binding can be added for many actions through the CVARS.

Secondary Key Mappings:

  • Players are able to manually add secondary key bindings by replacing unused in a binding. For example, to add a secondary binding for Grenade on a mouse with additional buttons you start with this:
  • To add another binding, replace unused with the chosen key or control like this:
  • This will result in both Q and the additional mouse button being mapped to Grenade.


Changing Window Modes

The following instructions walk players through adjusting Window Modes through CVARS. It is recommended that players only manipulate this setting through CVARS if they encounter issues when progressing through the Title Screen or Character Select screen due to window compatibility issues.

Window Mode Values:

  • To adjust Window Modes in CVARS, identify the following line:
    <cvar name="window_mode" value="value_here"/>
  • Players encountering issues progressing through the Title Screen or Character Select screens are likely launching into "true" Fullscreen. If toggling to Windowed Mode (ALT+ENTER) does not resolve these issues, players may enter the following values to force change their Window Mode.
    • 0 = Windowed Mode (Recommended for players encountering issues)
    • 1 = Borderless Windowed
    • 2 = Windowed Fullscreen
    • 3 = Fullscreen (Also known as "true" Fullscreen)
  • Players may need to close the Destiny 2 application for these changes to take effect.



It is generally not suggested that players modify their CVARS.xml file. Issues encountered by modifying the CVARS.xml file are not officially supported and players who opt in to modifying this file are to do so only at their own discretion. Players who encounter issues after modifying their CVARS.xml file should delete this file and generate a new one, as outlined at the top of this page.