NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Guide for Destiny 2 PC

Destiny 2 on PC now supports integration with the NVIDIA Reflex SDK for compatible graphics cards. NVIDIA Reflex integration improves responsiveness and reduces "click-to-display" latency when playing Destiny 2, especially in situations where graphics performance is a bottleneck. For more information on NVIDIA Reflex and compatibility, please visit NVIDIA's website.
This capability is enabled by default for systems using supported graphics cards and NVIDIA game-ready drivers available beginning September 19, 2020, and onwards


Customization Options

For players who want to tweak their experience, the value in the following line from Destiny 2 install's CVARS.xml file can be adjusted: 
<cvar name="low_latency_mode" value="1" />
  • To turn off Reflex Low Latency functionality, set the value to 0. This may slightly improve framerate at the expense of latency.
  • Default Reflex Low Latency functionality is enabled when the value is set to 1.
  • When the value is set to 2, Reflex Low Latency with Boost is enabled. This feature overrides the power saving features in the GPU but can provide slight increases in latency reduction.


Players experiencing issues should contact NVIDIA Support.