SMS Validation

To help combat cheating within Destiny 2 on PC, some players may now be required to verify their SMS prior to being granted access to portions of the game.


Activities that may require SMS verification include:
  • Competitive Crucible
  • Iron Banner
  • And more.



Free-to-play players will be required to verify their SMS prior to launching into these activities for the first time.


Verification Setup

At game launch or when launching into an SMS restricted activity for the first time, players may be prompted to provide a valid cell phone number to gain access.


To complete this verification, players will need to:
  1. Click the "Verify Now" button on the SMS validation pop-up. This will redirect players to
  2. Sign into their profile
  3. Enter their phone number in the space provided and request a verification code
  4. Enter the verification code sent to their phone number
Once completed, players will be able to access SMS-gated content


Players who do not receive a validation code within 5 minutes of entering their phone number will need to re-enter their phone number and request another validation code. SMS validation may also be unavailable for players during periods of and API maintenance. 


I've completed verification on the site, how do I get access to the locked activities?
If you are in game when you verify your phone number, you’ll want to sign out and sign back in to gain immediate access. Otherwise you will have access on your next sign in.

Can I share someone else's phone number if I don't have one of my own?
Yes. A single phone number can be used up to a maximum of 5 accounts.

What kind of phone number can I use?
Currently only cell phone numbers can be used – we do not allow land line or VOIP numbers at this time.

How can I receive extra support?
Players who continue to encounter issues with SMS validation should report to our #Help forum.