Armor 2.0, Finishers, and Armor Mods


Armor 2.0

Legendary armor obtained in Destiny 2 is called Armor 2.0. 

Each armor piece will have six armor stats, scaling from 1 to 100. Each armor stat increases or decreases a Guardian's base stat.
  • Mobility increases base movement speed - sprint speed is not affected
  • Resilience increases shield capacity for damage
  • Recovery increases health regeneration speed
  • Discipline decreases the cooldown time of grenade ability
  • Intellect decreases the cooldown time of Super ability
  • Strength decreases the cooldown time of melee ability
Armor 2.0 will have an assigned energy type and energy amount, from 1 to 10. The type of energy on an armor piece determines which mods can be applied to it. The amount of energy available on an armor piece is the budget that players have to spend on applying mods. As players upgrade the amount of energy available on their armor, they will be able to apply more expensive mods to it.  

Armor 2.0 will also have access to Universal Ornaments for legendary armor - armor that has been acquired from Eververse.

Armor Mods

All Armor Mods for Armor 2.0 will have an energy cost associated with them. For players to equip certain mods, they must have the required amount of energy on the armor piece before the mods can be equipped. Additionally, if an Armor Mod has an energy type associated with it, the mod can only be equipped on the armor of the same energy type.

Once Armor Mods are acquired, they never go away and can be used on multiple Armor 2.0 pieces. 


Available to all Destiny 2 players, Finishers are a way to defeat a weakened enemy with style. Players are given base finishers where they can blast arcane energy as a Warlock, flourish their knives as a Hunter, and strike with the greatest Titan weapon of all, their fist. Players can acquire more Finishers from Eververse.

Finisher Mods can be equipped on armor using Super energy to customize its effects, such as self-healing or spawning Power ammo.

Acquired Finishers will be added to the inventory of the character who unlocked it. Other characters on the same account may access these Finishers through the Flair section of the Collections at no extra cost.