Destiny Content Vault

The Destiny Content Vault (DCV) is a content model that was implemented in Year 4 of Destiny 2. To create a sustainable ecosystem where the world can continue to evolve in exciting ways, and where we can update the game more quickly, each year we will cycle some destination and activity content out of the game (and into the DCV) to make room for new experiences. The DCV will contain all destinations and activities from both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, with the potential for vaulted content to return to the game in the future.



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Previous Years

Destiny Content Vault: Year 4
With the launch of Year 4 on November 10, 2020, certain destinations, activities, and quests will be moved into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV).  Players will have until this date to experience all listed content before it becomes unavailable to access in-game.

For a list of all inventory items being deprecated at the start of Year 4, please click here.

For more information on specific content moving to the Destiny Content Vault during Year 4, please see below.

  • Mercury
  • Mars
  • Titan
  • Io
  • The Farm
  • The Leviathan

  • Gambit Prime (merged with Gambit)
    • With the start of year 4 Gambit and Gambit Prime will be merged into a new single Gambit game mode.
  • The Reckoning
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Black Armor Forges
    • The Bergusia, Izanami, Volundr, and Gofannon Black Armory Forges will no longer be available.
  • Zero Hour
  • The Whisper
  • Various Crucible Game Modes
    • Supremacy, Countdown, Lockdown, Breakthrough, Doubles, Momentum Control, and Scorched will no longer be available for private or playlist matches.
  • Nightfall (replaced by Nightfall: The Ordeal)
    • The regular Nightfall playlist will no longer be available, with Nightfall: The Ordeal becoming the only Nightfall activity.
  • Niobe Labs
  • The Menagerie
  • Prophecy Dungeon
    • The Prophecy Dungeon will return in a future update.
  • The Tribute Hall



  • The Red War
  • Curse of Osiris
  • Warmind

Seasonal Narratives

  • Season of the Forge
  • Season of the Drifter
  • Season of Opulence

  • The Leviathan
  • Eater of Worlds
  • Spire of Stars
  • Scourge of the Past
  • Crown of Sorrows


The following exotic quests will no longer be available to complete, and all quests still in progress will be removed from player inventories. Weapons earned from these quests may continue to be earnable in-game by different means:

Quest Reward

Quest Name Exotic Weapon
Relics of the Golden Age Sturm
Sight, Shoot, Repeat. MIDA Multi-Tool
Rat King's Crew Rat King
Legend of Acrius Legend of Acrius
Nodes and Protocols Sleeper Simulant
Nascent Dawn Polaris Lance
Cayde's Will Ace of Spades
The Cleansing The Last Word
A Butterfly's Grace Le Monarque
A Giant's Might Jotunn
A Mysterious Box Izanagi's Burden
The Essence Thorn
Bearer of Evil's Past Lumina
A Scrap of Paper Truth
The Other Side Bad Juju

Activity Reward

Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected will not be available to acquire at the start of Year 4. Players will need to complete the associated activities to earn these weapons prior to November 10.

Activity Name Exotic Weapon
Zero Hour Outbreak Perfected
The Whisper Whisper of the Worm

Raid Reward

Raid Exotic Weapon
Scourge of the Past Anarchy
Crown of Sorrow Tarrabah

Completion Drop

Prerequisite Exotic Weapon
Access 35 Latent Memories on Mars Worldline Zero
Acquire On The Comms as a world drop Legend of Acrius



Map Activity
Meltdown Crucible
Firebase Echo Crucible
Eternity Crucible
Solitude Crucible
Legion's Gulch Crucible
Retribution Crucible
Equinox Crucible
Gambler's Ruin Crucible
Vostok Crucible
Emperor's Respite Crucible
The Citadel Crucible
Cathedral of Stars Gambit
Kell's Grave Gambit



Strike Location
A Garden World Mercury
Tree of Probabilities Mercury
Savathûn's Song Titan
Pyramidion Io
Festering Core Io
Strange Terrain Mars
Will of the Thousands Mars



Vendor Location
Ada-1 Tower
Benedict-66 Tower
Werner 99-40 The Imperial Barge
Ana Bray Mars
Sloane Titan
Asher Mir Io
Brother Vance Mercury
Visage of Calus The Tribute Hall