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Players that encounter issues when attempting to purchase Silver on their Destiny account should try the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Confirm Silver Purchased for Intended Destiny Release

As a first troubleshooting step, players should review their platform purchase to ensure that their purchased Silver was for the intended Destiny release.
    • Review the name of the Silver add-on purchased on the platform transaction history or receipt.
    • Destiny 2 Silver bundles are labeled "Destiny 2 Silver", while Destiny 1 Silver bundles are labeled "Destiny Silver".
    • Log into the purchasing account on both Destiny 2 and Destiny 1 to check the account's Silver balance in-game.
If the above troubleshooting steps confirmed that the Silver was purchased for the wrong Destiny release, please note the following:
    • An account's Silver balance is not shared across Destiny releases.
    • Silver is bound to the Destiny and account and Destiny release for which it was purchased and cannot be transferred to another account or Destiny release.
    • All Silver purchases are final and cannot be refunded by Bungie or the platform marketplace.

Silver Refunds and Negative Balances

Players that receive Silver refunds, chargebacks, or have their payments denied by the platform marketplaces may encounter issues when purchasing Silver.

Destiny 2

    • Players that receive platform refunds or chargebacks of Silver they HAVE SPENT in-game will see a negative Silver balance on their account.
    • Players with a negative Silver balance will not be able to purchase Eververse Items until the outstanding Silver balance on their account has been repaid.

Destiny 1

    • Players that receive platform refunds or chargebacks of Destiny 1 Silver will not see their in-game Silver balance adjusted, but will still have an outstanding Silver balance for the amount of Silver refunded.
    • Players will encounter issues with further Silver purchases being accurately reflected on the account until the outstanding Silver balance on their account has been repaid.

Troubleshooting Silver Issues

Players that have confirmed their Silver was purchased for the correct Destiny release and are continuing to encounter issues with their Silver purchase should try the troubleshooting steps listed below.
  1. Wait Up to 30 Seconds: Allow for up to 30 seconds to pass to see if the Silver amount is added to the account.
  2. Re-launch Destiny: If the Silver is not added to the account after the time has passed, log out of Destiny and then log back into any Character. A successful Silver purchase should present players with a notification upon logging back into a Character. If the notification does not appear, check the current Silver balance from the Character Inventory screen.
  3. Sign Out of Platform Account: If the Silver balance does not reflect the purchased Silver amount, please close Destiny and completely sign out of the platform account. It may also be advisable to clear the cache on consoles or to restart the Steam or Epic Games launcher on PC. After logging back into Destiny, please check for a notification of a successful Silver purchase or check the Silver balance in the Character Inventory screen.
  4. Check for Successful Transaction: If the Silver balance still does not reflect the purchased Silver amount, please ensure that the transaction shows as successfully completed according to the platform marketplace and that the purchase was made on the correct account and for the intended Destiny release.
  5. Contact Platform Support: If the platform marketplace shows that the purchase was successful, please contact PlayStation Support, Xbox Support, Stadia Support, Microsoft Support, Steam Support, or Epic Games Support to investigate potential issues with the transaction.
  6. Submit Help Request: If platform support is not able to identify or resolve potential issues with the transaction, please submit a help request using the Missing Silver Contact Form below.
Silver Sync Pending
Players may receive a Silver Sync Pending error message when attempting to purchase Silver on their Destiny 2 or Destiny 1 accounts.
    • This error indicates that the server is experiencing a delay in processing the Silver transaction.
    • Once the server delay has resolved, the purchased Silver will automatically be added to the account balance.
    • If players receive this error message, they should attempt the suggested troubleshooting steps listed above to help resolve this issue.
    • Important Note: All Silver purchases initiated while encountering a Silver Sync Pending error should be successfully completed once the error is resolved. Players should not attempt multiple Silver purchases until the Silver Sync Pending error has resolved as Silver cannot be refunded

Contact Form for Missing Silver

If none of the above troubleshooting steps resolved the issue with the Silver purchase, please fill out the following Contact Form to submit a Help Ticket.

Important Note: All Contact Form email responses are in English only. Spamming, submitting abusive content, or otherwise violating the Code of Conduct may result in restrictions from contact forms,, or Destiny. 

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