Armor Synthesis Guide



Armor Synthesis is Destiny 2’s version of “transmog,” a feature that allows players to use unlocked armor from their Collections to create Universal Ornaments for a specific class.


Universal Ornaments will only appear on “Legendary” purple-background armor pieces that show an Energy icon (Void, Solar, or Arc) on them.


Getting Started: Unlocking the Loom


Ada-1 has returned to the Tower Annex and has brought a modified Forge with her that she calls a “Loom.” To activate the Loom and begin using unlocked armor to create Universal Ornaments, players will need to:

  1. Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower Courtyard.
  2. Visit Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.
  3. Head to Europa and locate a BrayTech processor needed to activate the Loom.
  4. Connect the processor to the Loom to activate it.


Creating and Applying Ornaments


Once the Loom is activated, Ada-1 will give players a package containing five Synthweave per character class that will allow players to use unlocked armor from their Collections to create Universal Ornaments.

Players can do so by going to their Character Appearance screen, going down to the Appearance Subscreen, entering Appearance Customization, and choose any armor piece (Legendary quality or lower) they’ve unlocked in their Collection to create a Universal Ornament.


Obtaining More Synthweave

To obtain more Synthweave, players can earn 10 free ones per character class per Season by completing the following:


1. Purchase Threader Bounties
Players can purchase Armor Synthesis Threader Bounties from Ada-1.

Each Season, Ada-1 will offer 10 Threader Bounties for each character class that will need to be completed in the following activities: Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Destinations, and Raids & Dungeons. Upon completing and claiming Threader Bounties, Synthcord will be rewarded.


2. Deposit Synthcord
When players claim completed Threader bounties, they will receive Synthcord, which will need to be deposited into the Loom to convert into Synthweave. Each class has its own Synthcord:

s14_DPS_Icons_Synthcord_Plush.jpg Warlocks: Plush s14_DPS_Icons_Synthcord_Rigid.jpg Titans: Rigid s14_DPS_Icons_Synthcord_Sleek.jpg Hunters: Sleek

PLEASE NOTE: Players holding 500 Synthcord for their class won't be able to purchase Threader Bounties until Synthcord is converted into Synthweave.


3. Use Synthweave
Synthweave is a currency that can convert a player’s unlocked armor into a Universal Ornament.

To use Synthweave, go to the Character Appearance screen, go down to the Appearance Subscreen, enter Appearance Customization, and choose any armor piece (Legendary quality of lower) unlocked in Collections to create a Universal Ornament. Each class has its own Synthweave:

s14_DPS_Icons_Synthweave_Bolt.jpg Warlocks: Bolt s14_DPS_Icons_Synthweave_Plate.jpg Titans: Plate s14_DPS_Icons_Synthweave_Strap.jpg Hunters: Strap

PLEASE NOTE: Players can't hold more than 15 Synthweave per character class.


4. Obtain More Synthweave
After completing all 10 Threader Bounties that Ada-1 offers for each class, players will need to wait until the next Season to obtain more bounties.

Players can also visit Eververse at any time to purchase universal Synthweave Templates, which can be used to create ornaments for any class.


Armor Exceptions for Universal Ornaments


Exotic Armor

Exotic armor cannot take the appearance of alternate armor, nor can Exotic armor be converted into a Universal Ornament and used on Legendary armor.


Excluded Armor

Some armor sets were purposely combined into one set to reduce players accidentally overspending their tokens for duplicate armor. Examples include:

  • Gambit Prime Armors: Anyone who unlocked a Gambit Prime armor set has access to the Illicit (Basic) Gambit Prime Armor Synthesis universal ornaments only.
  • Leviathan Prestige Class Items: The Prestige class items from the Leviathan raid uses the same arrangement as the base version, but uses a different dye to distinguish the two, so we reduced these two items into one item for Armor Synthesis.
  • Red War Parade Armor: The Legendary sets share appearances with the armor from the Red War introductory mission.
  • Green and Blue Solstice Armor: The appearances of these armors are identical without support of the Glows and were reduced to a single set. The green set also matches the Wrecked Parade Armor, so it was reduced further.
  • Purple Solstice Armor: Players who acquired specific armor Glows from 2018's and 2019's Solstice of Heroes will have that specific armor piece unlocked in Armor Synthesis.