Bungie Name Guide


A Bungie Name is a player's identity used across Bungie's games, websites, and services, and is a part of Cross Play for Destiny 2

All Bungie Names include a hash and numeric ID, and will look similar to the below example:

  • "Bungie Name": PlayerName#1234 
  • "Display Name": PlayerName 
  • "Hash": # 
  • "Numeric ID": 1234 


Creating a Bungie Name

Bungie Names are auto-created when players first log in to Destiny 2 using a player's platform name. New players can choose their Bungie Name by changing their platform name prior to logging into Destiny 2 for the first time. Numeric IDs are random and cannot be chosen. 

Names are processed through Bungie's character filtration and offensive term moderation system. Names that are against Bungie's policies, or any character that can't be displayed in-game or can't be typed into the player search box via console virtual keyboards, will be removed. Players with a platform name that is longer than 26 characters will have their Bungie Name shortened to a maximum of 26 characters.

If an auto-created name becomes empty or becomes offensive due to our filtration process, it will be changed to "Guardian[Random Number]."

Platform account names can still be viewed in-game by hovering over a player in the Roster screen of the Director.



Typing in Unicode characters, alternate keyboard characters, or emojis may result in unexpected issues, such as being unable to be located when using Search, as well as display issues. Players should keep in mind that the following are not recommended for use in a Bungie Name due to the above issues:

  • Blank characters
  • Unicode characters outside game-supported languages
  • Emojis
  • Punctuation outside game-supported languages

For more information, please view our Text-based Language Filtering FAQ.


Changing a Bungie Name

Players have one (1) Bungie Name change available to them that can be used on Bungie.net by following the steps below:

    1. Log in to Bungie.net with a platform account
    2. Go to Profile Settings
    3. Update the Bungie Name under "Identity Settings"
    4. Press the "Save" button

A player's platform account(s) will appear as a recommendation when attempting to change a Bungie Name. These can be chosen as long as they don't violate our policies or Code of Conduct. The Numeric ID in a Bungie Name cannot be manually changed and will only update when a name is changed, then the Numeric ID will automatically update to a random set of numbers.


Banned Name Policies

Any Bungie Name that violates these policies or our Code of Conduct will be changed to "Guardian[Random Number]" and players may face an in-game ban. Changes performed by Bungie may consume a player's unused name change.

Policies include, but aren't limited to:

    • An auto-created name that becomes empty or becomes offensive due to our filtration process
    • Mentions of Bungie, BNG, etc. or impersonation of a Bungie employee
    • Personal identifying information (i.e. first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
    • Hate speech
    • Implicit or explicit sexual terms
    • Website addresses
    • Profanity

Bungie reserves the right to moderate and remove players in our games and websites for any reason at our own discretion.