Finding and Creating Fireteams

The Find Fireteam area allows players to recruit Fireteam members for activities in Destiny 2. Players have the option to find a Fireteam to join in an activity, or create a Fireteam themselves.

Joining a Fireteam

Before joining a Fireteam, players must be signed into their account on or the Destiny Companion App to join a Fireteam, and signed into their console or PC to receive invitations.

To join a Fireteam, players need to go to the Find Fireteam area, select the Fireteam they'd like to join, and press the "Join Fireteam" button. Players must select which character they'd like to use.

Once the Fireteam leader has closed the Fireteam, players will receive a notification on or the Destiny Companion App to join, and the Fireteam leader can send an invitation to the players in the Fireteam to their console or PC.


Players who didn't receive an invitation may need to adjust their platform's privacy settings. For example, players on PS4 must set their "Messages" privacy setting to "Anyone".

Creating the Fireteam

Once players are in the Find Fireteam area, they can create a Fireteam. Before creating a Fireteam, players must be signed into their account on or the Destiny Companion App, and signed into their console or PC for players to join the player.

To create a Fireteam, players must click the "Create Fireteam" button and fill out the following information: 
  • The Fireteam title
  • Activity
  • Platform needed
  • Number of players needed
  • Which character the Fireteam leader will use
  • If the Fireteam is scheduled or not
  • If a microphone is needed or not
  • Preferred language
After filling out the above information, players can then create the Fireteam.
  • If the author wishes to change their Fireteam post, or wishes to continue recruiting after it has been closed, an entirely new topic will need to be created.
  • All Fireteam members will receive a notification in the Destiny Companion on and the Mobile App which will automatically open up a chat for all players.
  • The Fireteam leader can send out an invitation to the Fireteams console or PC.
  • Players can use this Fireteam chat to privately share their PSN ID, Xbox Gamertag, Steam ID, Stadia ID, or Epic Account ID information to find each other and join the Fireteam in Destiny 2.
  • Once a player leaves a Fireteam chat, they cannot rejoin. They will instead need to create a new group chat with all of the Fireteam members.
  • If additional players would like to join a Fireteam chat, a new group chat will need to be created with all desired players included.

Vital Information

Please see below for other information players may need to know regarding the Fireteam Recruitment Forum.
  • Clan Recruitment: Players who are looking to recruit new members to their Clan should use the Clan Recruitment forum.
  • Privacy Settings:  Players may opt to not display their Destiny characters using their Privacy Settings. Fireteam's leaders should still be able to send an invitation to those players, but may need to contact the player in the Fireteam chat if that player is not receiving the invitation. Please note: Some players hide their PSN ID, Xbox Gamertag, Steam ID, Stadia ID, or Epic Account ID information out of privacy or safety concerns. Please always respect their wishes and do not publicly post their information.
  • Linked Platform Accounts Required:  Players may only create topics in the Find Fireteam area for platforms which are linked to their profile. Players must link the platform credentials of that account to their profile to join or create a Fireteam
  • Updating Threads: If a Fireteam leader needs to adjust their Fireteam post, they must close the Fireteam and recreate it with the correct information. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Any ban or restriction for a player determined to be cheating or violating our Terms of Use may be applied to the entire fireteam of that player. Players should exercise caution when joining fireteams with unknown players and should leave a fireteam if they suspect a player on their team may be cheating.