Destiny 2: Cross Save Guide


What is Cross Save?

Cross Save enables you to choose one Destiny 2 player account and set of characters (your active account) that you can access from wherever you choose to play. Although this is not a permanent action, we did build this feature as something that players will activate just once to support a hobby that spans more than one platform where Destiny 2 can be played. 

For more information, please visit our Cross Save FAQ



Players should note that Cross Save and Cross Play are two separate processes. For information related to Cross Play and Bungie Names, please click here.

How does Cross Save work?

When you set up Cross Save on your Bungie account and choose the character set you want to use across your connected accounts, that character set will become your active Cross Save and set of characters. That means that if you log in on any platform you have connected (Xbox, PlayStation, Microsoft Store, Steam, Stadia, or the Epic Games Store), those characters will be there. Your other characters on those platforms will become dormant - you won't lose them, but you won't be able to access them either. This applies to Silver purchases, gear, armor and more. If you want to use those characters again, you will have to disable Cross Save. Cross Save does not permanently move characters to another platform, or merge characters from multiple accounts together.

For more information about disabling Cross Save, see the sections below.

Cross Save does NOT merge together characters from multiple accounts. The characters you set as your Active Cross Save will obscure all other characters across linked accounts until Cross Save is disabled.

Disabling Cross Save

Cross Save is intended to be a one-time action, but we realize there may be cases in which you want to visit the characters you left behind. Once Cross Save has been disabled, you will have access to your original characters on each platform. There is a 90-day wait to re-enable the feature.  This policy exists to discourage activity like account recoveries by other players.

For those interested in removing Cross Save from their account, click here and click the “View Setup” button. On the next page, players will be shown their Cross Save setup.

To deactivate Cross Save, click the “Deactivate Cross Save” button located at the bottom of the page. Players must authenticate all accounts before they can deactivate Cross Save. Doing so will result in an unskippable 90-day deactivation period for all accounts previously involved in the Cross Save setup.
    • If players disable their Cross Save for any reason they will have to wait out the 90-day lockout before they can enable Cross Save again. There are no exceptions to this policy.
    • Players who purchase Silver (or have Silver added to their account) cannot disable Cross Save until 90 days after the Silver was purchased or added.

Authentication Issues

Players experiencing authentication errors when attempting to Cross Save may want to try the following to resolve their issue:
  1. Clear the browser's cookies and cache
  2. Open an incognito private window
  3. Use another browser
  4. Try the official Destiny Companion app instead of a browser
Players will have to keep trying until the authentication is successful. All linked platform accounts must be authenticated in order to enable or disable Cross Save.

Players who can't authenticate connected platform accounts will have to contact their platform's support to try and gain access to the account. If that isn't successful, players may want to unlink their connected accounts they have access to and link them to another Bungie profile.

Bungie is not able to remove connected platform accounts from profiles under any circumstances.

To contact platform support, click one of the options below:

Changing Linked Accounts

Players who want to change their Cross Save setup and link to another platform account because they chose the wrong account will have to disable Cross Save, update linked accounts, and wait 90 days before they can enable Cross Save again. 

For more information about disabling Cross Save, view the "Disabling Cross Save" section above. 

Migration from to Steam

The account migration period from to Steam ended on December 1, 2020, and can't be extended or turned back on. It's now impossible to transfer anyone's account, purchases, and characters over. From September 2019-December 2020, multiple emails, social media messages, and in-game notices were sent out to inform players that this was occurring.


If your account wasn't migrated over, you will have to create a new account on Steam with new characters if you'd like to play Destiny 2 again.

Cross Save for Destiny 1

Cross Save is only supported for Destiny 2, and cannot be used on Destiny 1 characters.

Unknown Linked Accounts

Bungie will not remove unauthorized Cross Save links from profiles. Players are recommended to not share their account details with anyone and to set up 2-step authentication on their platform accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

For more details on how to keep your account safe please visit our Account Security Guide.

Season Passes 

Season Passes are bound to the first Destiny 2 account that a player logs in with after their purchase when accepting the “Cross Save Ready?” confirmation windows in Destiny 2, even if no characters have been created on it yet. Due to how Season Passes are applied to player accounts and characters, it's not possible to refund them or transfer them to another account.


Make sure you are logging in to the correct account prior to accepting the Cross Save pop-up to ensure your Season Passes are correctly applied.

DLC Licenses and Cross Save

DLC licenses, such as Beyond Light or Shadowkeep, do not transfer between platform accounts with Cross Save. Players who wish to access DLC on platforms they play on will need to purchase that DLC on that platform.

Cross Save Setup Troubleshooting

Players who are encountering issues with their Cross Save setup that are not listed above may fall into one of the following scenarios:


I enabled Cross Save and my characters are no longer available/ not appearing.
Double check that Cross Save has been successfully enabled from the Cross Save setup page, and that the correct set of characters have been set as the active Cross Save. The active account platform and characters can be viewed at the top of the setup page.


If the incorrect set of characters have been set as the active Cross Save players will need to disable Cross Save, wait the full 90 day deactivation period, and re-enable Cross Save with the correct account set as active.


If the correct account and set of characters is set as the active Cross Save players should ensure that they are logging into the correct account(s) to access their Cross Saved characters. Players can verify their currently linked accounts by navigating to Settings > Accounts & Linking on their profile. Players who are using Steam accounts in their Cross Save setup should verify that the Steam ID number of their linked Steam account matches the account they are logging into. Players can check their Steam ID number by navigating to the Steam Account Details page of their Steam profile, where it will be displayed at the top of the page. Please keep in mind that multiple Steam profiles can have the same name but each will have a unique Steam ID number.


Additionally, Cross Save can only be used for Destiny 2 characters, and is not supported for Destiny 1 characters.
I enabled Cross Save and my characters moved successfully but specific items did not.
Items or abilities tied to DLC ownership, such as pre-order items or Stasis subclasses, may become unavailable to access on other platforms if players do not own the corresponding DLC on that platform.


Please keep in mind that DLC licenses do not transfer between platforms with Cross Save, and must be purchased one very platform players intend to access them from. Cross Save otherwise does not have the ability to delete individual items, materials, or characters from player's accounts.
I enabled Cross Save and my characters moved successfully but my Season Pass(es) are unavailable.
Season Passes are bound to the first Destiny account that a player logs in with after their purchase, even if no characters have been created on it yet. If a player's Season Pass(es) are unavailable it is likely due to them logging in to the platform they purchased the Season Pass(es) on prior to enabling Cross Save with a different set of characters set as active.


The only way to access these misapplied Season Passes is to disable Cross Save and play on the characters they were originally applied to. It is not possible to transfer Season Passes between sets of characters.
There is an unauthorized or unknown account linked to my Cross Save.

Destiny Player Support and Bungie cannot modify platform accounts linked to profiles. To protect player privacy and data, you must be able to log into all linked accounts to prove ownership of them prior to modifying your Cross Save status. If you believe your account has been compromised, please contact the platform’s support for that account to get assistance with account recovery options. For more details on how to help protect your and Destiny accounts in the future, please see our Account Security Guide.

I forgot the login to one of my accounts linked for Cross Save.
Destiny Player Support and Bungie cannot modify or remove accounts linked to profiles. To protect player privacy and data, you must be able to log in to any linked accounts to prove ownership prior to modifying your linked account. If you no longer have access to a linked account, you will need to reach out to the specific platform’s support for assistance with account recovery options.
My account(s) are banned and I want to update my Cross Save status.
Banned accounts are ineligible to participate in Cross Save or alter already active Cross Save setups.