Bungie.net Groups Guide

Destiny Clans and Bungie.net Groups are two distinct community types. Destiny Clans are communities that can be accessed in-game and enable Clan members to play and progress together, communicate, manage, and build their community. Please see the Destiny 2 Clans Guide for more information.

Groups are communities on Bungie.net that are created and administrated by users. Groups provide many features that allow the community of users within the Group to communicate, manage, and build their community. Please read below for more information on Group features, interacting with a Group, and the tools that are accessible to Group Founders and Admins.

Group Features

The feature set of Groups on Bungie.net are centered on helping users communicate within their chosen communities.

Group Wall Chat Group Forum
The Group Wall is a running chat board that can be used by members of the Group to communicate in real-time.
    • The Admins of a Group can disable or restrict access to the Group Wall through the Admin Tools.
    • Members can access the Group Wall chat using the Group Messages feature in the Destiny Companion Mobile App as long as the Group Wall has had at least one message posted to it from a web browser.
Please Note:

With the exception of the above mentioned Group Wall Chat feature, all Group interactions are currently only available through Bungie.net on a web browser.

Interacting with Groups

Every Group has an "Interact" button visible on all Group profile pages that allows users to join, leave, or report the Group.

Request to Join Leaving a Group Reporting a Group
Users can browse existing Groups or search for a specific Group from the Group page on Bungie.net.
    • Users can be a member of up to 50 Groups and can use the Interact button on a Group's profile to Request to Join the Group.
    • Requesting to join Groups with open enrollment will automatically add the user to the Group.
    • For Groups with selective enrollment, requesting to join will notify the administrators of the Group that there is a pending membership request that they will need to approve or deny.
    • Users that attempt to Request to Join a Group that has closed enrollment will receive a message stating that the Group is closed to new members.

Group Founders and Admins

Group Founders and Admins have access to Admin Tools that help them manage their community.

Creating a Group Admin Tools
Users can found or be admin members of up to 50 Groups. To create a Group, navigate to the Group page on Bungie.net and click the Create Group button. During the Creation process, Group Founders will be able to set the Group Name, Motto, Mission Statement, Tags, Avatar, Theme, Enrollment Option, Forum Privacy Default, and Language Default.

Group Vital Information

Below is a list of vital information regarding Groups.
  • Deleting a Group: To delete a Group, all members, including the Group Founder and Admins, must leave or be kicked from the Group.
  • Banned From Group: Users that have been banned from the Group will be removed from the Group's roster and lose their membership.
  • Group Profile Lockouts: Users can report a Group profile for Code of Conduct violations. If Bungie.net moderators determine that disciplinary action is needed, the reported Group may be locked out of editing their Group profile or settings.
  • Group Features on Companion App: With the exception of the above mentioned Group Wall Chat feature, all Group interactions and features are currently only available through Bungie.net on a web browser.
  • Alliances: The Group Alliance feature is currently unavailable.
  • Reclaim Founder Status: If the original Group Founder leaves the Group, the Founder status will be transferred to an Admin, if available, or to a remaining member of the Group. To reclaim Founder Status, the current Group Founder must accept the Original Founder to the Group again, promote the Original Founder to Admin, demote all other Admins to regular Group members, and then leave the Group. As the only remaining Admin member, this will transfer the Founder status to Original Founder. Once the Founder status has been reclaimed, all other Admins can be re-promoted and the Group member that left can be re-admitted into the Group.
  • Clan/Group Split: Clans and Groups functionality was split on August 23, 2017. These are now two distinct community types. For more information about Clans, please see the Destiny 2 Clans Guide.
  • Account Recovery : Players who have lost access to their Bungie.net profile, and are Group Founders, may be able to use the Bungie.net Profile Recovery process to regain access to that account.