Mobile Bounty Purchase

Mobile Bounty purchases allow players to acquire in-game Bounties via the Destiny Companion on select mobile devices. These Bounty purchases will cost the same amount of in-game currency as if purchased directly from the vendor, and will be sent to the player's Bounty inventory once purchased.
Bounties can be only acquired via the Destiny Companion when players are:
  • In orbit
  • Offline
  • In The Tower
Only weekly, daily, and repeatable Bounties can be acquire via the Destiny Companion. Players will still need to visit vendors in-game to pick up Quests, rewards, and other items. 


  • Mobile Bounty purchases are not available for Dreaming City Bounties from Petra Venj.
  • Daily Clan Bounties from Suraya Hawthorne can only be acquired when players have a character in the Tower. Last Wish Raid Challenge Bounties can be acquired from anywhere.

 Acquiring Bounties

To get started purchasing Bounties via the Destiny Companion, players will need the following:

Destiny 2 Account Account  Destiny Companion

Once these accounts are created and the Destiny Companion has been downloaded, players can purchase Bounties via the Destiny Companion through the following steps:
  1. Login to the Destiny Companion 
  2. Enable push notifications for the Destiny Companion
  3. From the Director window of the app, click the Bounties tab
  4. Select the character to purchase Bounties for
  5. Select a Vendor
  6. Select a Bounty
  7. Click "Acquire"
  8. Confirm selection
Once the purchase is confirmed the materials will be removed from player inventories, and the Bounty added. Players can view their current Bounty inventory in-game by navigating to the Quest tab of the Director.


Push notifications must be enabled for players to acquire Bounties via the Destiny Companion.


Players who encounter issues with their mobile Bounty purchases should sign out of the Destiny Companion, sign back in, and attempt their Bounty purchase again. If problems persist players are recommended to clear their app cache and try again, steps to do so can be found here.
Expired Bounties will not automatically deprecate from player inventories, and must be deleted in-game to make space for new Bounties.
Players who continue to encounter issues with their Bounty purchases should report to our #Help forum.