Destiny 2 Server Issues

Players may experience Destiny 2 server error messages for a variety of reasons, but usually, it's a result of a connection issue occurring.

The most common reason is that Destiny 2 is offline and players should visit or @BungieHelp on Twitter for more information.
Here are some steps players can take to try and resolve the issue if they don't see any update from us about the error:

  1. A wired connection is recommended to play Destiny, and if a player's connection is being used for other things when playing the game, such as streaming, it's recommended to quit those programs.
  2. Players may want to clear their console cache, or, if they're on PC, clear their download cache to see if that will help resolve the issue.
  3. Power cycling the internet modem and/or router may resolve the issue.
  4. Review our guide on improving latency and packet loss to see if that might help.
  5. Following our Network Troubleshooting Guide for best optimizing the internet connection to Destiny. If issues persist, try our Advanced Steps Networking Guide for possible router solutions, such as UPnP, NAT, and Port Forwarding.
  6. Players may want to change their DNS server on their console to Google's Nameservers ( and
  7. As a last resort, players may want to contact their internet service provider to see if they can resolve the issue.

If all options have failed, players may have to wait until the issue resolves on its own.