Destiny Contact Forms

Appeal Ban or Restriction

Landing_Zone.jpg Players who have received a ban or restriction may contact us using the Ban/Restriction Appeal Contact Form. Before submitting a ticket through the contact form, please read all the information in this article.

Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies

Japanese Regional Support

Social.jpg The contact form is for players in the Japanese region to request help on a customer service or game issue they are encountering.

Japanese Regional Support

Missing Destiny 2 Contest and Purchased Emblems

Public_Event.jpg Players who have earned through a contest, donated, or purchased Destiny 2 emblems but haven't yet received them after 30 days from when they were earned can send a ticket in for an investigation.

Missing Destiny 2 Emblems

Missing Silver, Eververse Items, or Add-On Items

Vendor_Eververse.jpg Players who encounter issues when attempting to purchase an Eververse item or who are missing purchased Add-Ons should try the troubleshooting steps in this article.

Players who encounter issues when attempting to purchase Silver on their Destiny account should try the troubleshooting in this article.

Missing Silver   Missing Eververse Items or Add-On Items

Data Privacy Requests

quests.jpg Bungie is committed to protecting the personal information of players. These data privacy contact forms will allow players to request a copy of the information Bungie maintains about them or to request the deletion of the personal information Bungie has stored. Additionally, there are other data privacy rights that can be requested. Players can also opt-out of having their information sold to third parties.

Data Privacy Requests   Opt-Out Requests

Report Suspected Cheating

Landing_Zone.jpg View this article for ways to report suspected cheating.

Report Suspected Cheating

South Korean Regional Support

Social.jpg This contact form is for players in the South Korean region to request help on a customer service or game issue they are encountering.

South Korean Regional Support

Twitch Extension Gift Subs

white-twitch-icon-0.png Viewers who encounter issues with bounty progress after purchasing gift subs should refresh the stream they are currently viewing. If progress is still not counted. Please follow this link and fill out our Gift Sub Contact Form.

Twitch Extension Gift Subs

Text-Based Language Filters Feedback

chat-icon.png This form allows players to send feedback on how the text-based language filters for Text Chat, Bungie Names, and Clan details are performing if the player encounters user-submitted text content that was inappropriately filtered or not filtered. For more information on how these filters work, please see our FAQ help article.

Feedback for Text-Based Language Filters