BattlEye Anti-Cheat Support Guide


BattlEye is Destiny 2's proactive anti-cheat protection service which protects our game and players from hacking, cheating, and other malicious attacks. BattlEye uses an intelligent dynamic on-the-fly detection system, ensuring that unrelenting cheaters are removed quickly.

To learn more about BattlEye, visit their website.


Beginning in Destiny 2 Update 3.3.0, Battleye will be included as Destiny 2's anti-cheat service. During the first few weeks, bans will be manually reviewed and applied. After the soft launch, the system will automatically apply bans.


Installation and Playing Destiny 2

To play Destiny 2, BattlEye will automatically install when Destiny 2 receives an update and will be active on a player's computer when Destiny 2 is running. Players must allow BattlEye to be installed if they want to play Destiny 2.

If BattlEye is denied to install, Destiny 2 will be unable to launch. If players uninstall BattlEye or try to launch Destiny 2 from its installation folder instead of from Steam, Microsoft PC, or Epic Game Store's launcher, they will receive the PLUOT error code when signing in.


Code of Conduct Violations

If BattlEye detects hacking, cheating, or another form of attack in Destiny 2, players can be removed from our game for violating our Code of Conduct.



Error Code: PLUM  Error Code: PLUOT  Error Code: MARMOT  BattlEye Support